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sources: PWInsider.com, Pro Wrestling Torch

— Jay Lethal reclaimed the X Division Championship at last night’s TNA Wrestling’s live event in Rahway, New Jersey.

Amazing Red won the title Thursday night in his hometown of New York City. Lethal won it back Saturday in his home area.

— Thursday’s episode of iMPACT! scored a 1.01 cable rating, down nearly 10.0 percent from the previous week’s 1.12 figure. Overall, the show drew 1,299,000 viewers.

— The ReACTION episode following iMPACT! scored series-low viewership; a 0.53 cable rating, with 638,000 viewers. The previous viewership low took place on September 2 with 692,000 viewers.

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  • erik

    @ cc melina lost womens title to mickie james and won it back in 2007 womens title change hands twice at house show in 2007.

  • CC

    WWE has changed titles many times at house shows, so Wrestling Guru doesnt know what he is talking about.
    The IC title has changed hands a few times (remember the big one in recent years with Santino beating Umaga), ditto for tag titles and even the heavyweight title has changed hands at house shows.
    Add into this title changes for belts such as the womens, cruiserweight and hardcore titles, and there have been more title changes at house shows than you think.
    What TNA has done with Red is exactly the same thing WWE has done with there belts over the years, giving the home town or home country fans a small thrill, seeing their local guy win a title even though it will more often than not change back by the time the next tv show airs.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    With The clowns in charge of TNA it wouldn’t suprise me if they did!

  • rick

    @ Wrestling Guru#1
    You think they’d do this with the world title ya fucking moron

  • RPM

    I actually think it is a good way to get a nice pop for the hometown stars and at the same time your average wrestling fan that doesn’t read dirt sheets wouldn’t even know it changed hands without checking the internet.

    It is better then what they did with Rob Terry who a meat based paper weight of a global champion because he was given a title in his home town to get him over and it only worked in Wales and he was useless anywhere else.

  • beardsly

    I wouldn’t say that it was necessarily important because the only reason the title changed hands was because the people who won were in their hometown. Needless to say it was used as a way to put over a wrestler.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Yeah Treg I guess they should do it like the WWE and leave the fans knowing that there is absolutely no chance of a title changeing hands at non televised shows! I think it is great that they make every show they put on seem important!

  • Treg

    Wow.. shows how much the x title means to tna :/ “just pass it around on house shows, who gives a sh*t?”

  • Sam

    Amazing Red: The ONLY 24 hour reigned X division champion.

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