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News on Austin Missing RAW 1000, RAW Ticket Sells for Big Bucks, Kelly

– notes that a ticket was purchased for Monday’s RAW 1000 event for $1,088. This was the most money ever paid for a ticket to a WWE RAW event. The average ticket price for a seat at last week’s RAW in Las Vegas was $208, which was the most expensive of 2012.

– Kelly Kelly was apparently backstage at RAW last night but not used.

– The biggest surprise backstage at RAW 1000 last night was Steve Austin not appearing on TV. Austin was rumored to be in St. Louis yesterday but wasn’t. There have been no tweets from Austin either. reports that Austin is in California working on the movie Grown Ups 2 and he wasn’t a big enough star to where he could just take a day away from filming to appear on RAW.


  • Ramg

    @ the losers on this site…. You believe everything you read?

    @ Marc Middleton…. Get your facts first. Stop re-posting shit from other sites that are not correct.

  • Prince

    Austin just posted a blog and said the reason he missed was he recently had knee surgery and didn’t feel right limping down the ramp in crutches.

  • No Name Required

    Is he a racist.

  • Stevie P

    Well what do you know. He couldn’t get away from filming. So it wasn’t WWE’s fault. In no way was I ever blaming Austin (I don’t even blame The Rock because these guys have other obligations that they need to fill). No they couldn’t get a private jet because he couldn’t get the time off as that’s what the article says.

    Lesson learned, don’t accuse anyone or the WWE before you know what’s is going on.

  • Prince

    Here’s the real reason from Austin himself guys. Knew surgery.

  • Matt right from the horses mouth

  • sam


    you arent yofits in disguise are you??

  • d

    austin is sold out idiots……

  • Shrewd Dude

    Maybe people should wait and see what reason Austin himself gives for not appearing before they jump to conclusions…

  • Jeff


    because Austin is a bigger star in the wrestling industry than the Rock.

  • D2K

    I also would like to add that the same people whom are giving WWE a pass for this and are giving Austin a pass are the EXACT same people whom trash The Rock for leaving to do movies all the time.

    When The Rock has to leave to do movies it’s, “Oh, the Rock is turning his back on the fans. It’s The Rock’s ego run amuck again.” However in this situation it’s, “Oh, it’s not WWE’s fault. Oh, Austin isn’t a big enough star that he can take a few hours of his day appear on RAW.”

    Gimme a break.

  • D2K

    @Monty: Yeah. It’s not like WWE owns a private jet that could have flown Austin in and out for the show where he wouldn’t have missed any filming time or anything. I also forgot that shooting movie scenes take 24 hours a day.


  • SYM

    d’s name should be dh for dickhead.

  • Greatest one


    Love the sarcasm

  • john

    if it wasn’t for austin years ago they wouldn’t be here today!! austin is one of the main guys in WWE and he should of been at the RAW 1000!! regardless

  • d

    stca has no respect for wwe…..look ar the rock he takes time out of his busy schedule and poor scsa cannt scsa sucks…….

  • Monty

    So now all you dickhead know-it-alls that were blaming WWE yesterday for Austin not showing can shut the fuck up until you know the facts.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    It’s an Adam Sandler film, that will get a bad enough rep as it is

  • Jimbo

    Sucks that he wasn’t there, but can’t blame him.

  • nick

    I would of said “I have other priorities”, and walked out they can’t kick him off the film once hes already filmed scenes, however he could get a bad rep from the director and whatnot.