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More News from Bourne’s Suspension, HBK & Austin in Vegas, Patterson, Gallows

– WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson turns 71 years old today.

– Former WWE star Luke Gallows underwent surgery this past week for a broken nose.

– WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin ran into each other at the SHOT convention in Las Vegas this week.

– Evan Bourne will be able to return to WWE TV on the March 19th RAW Supershow. Since Bourne is not going to be a major part of WrestleMania 28, he likely won’t return until after that. It’s still possible that Bourne may get a WrestleMania dark match spot but with his second suspension he has cost himself the two biggest paydays of the year – Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • JOE

    @tombstone I’m all out chyna stole my shit.

  • dae

    Bourne suspended again: Explains why the tag champs lost the titles at a house show! I hated when WCW used to do that.

  • venom


    Looks like we’ll have to wait for another spot monkey. Maybe Hunico will play that role in MITB.

  • Devil_Rising

    Great wrestler, maybe even a great guy. But man what a retard.

  • bonerjams

    I doubt we get a monney in the bank match at wrestlemania

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Wonder who will be doing the MITB spot this year if he isn’t used. Kofi just jumps, nothing spectacular. Rey is out, Sin Botcha is out. Nobody else comes to mind that does that type of stuff.

  • TheOnlyOne

    Fired? I just thought he was trying to get fried…

  • xMaskedReptilex

    Yeah, he is trying to get fired, who would be stupid enough to make the same istake after just a month…

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Hey where you at? Evan needs the good stuff.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    As opposed to what? Smoking the good stuff?

    LOL JK

  • stockshark

    Rape him just like you would any other Hardy! The third Hardy has arrived!

  • Stashathan

    Why would bourne smoke the bad stuff?
    I dont get it

  • RAMSES 2

    HBK AND Austin tag team of feuding together was the best time in wwe

  • ogitchida

    hahaha i meant…. fired**

  • ogitchida

    if he is trying to get fied than im sure……. ummmmm…. “HE DOESNT GIVE A FUCK !!”

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Well thats less money to buy drugs with.