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News on the Cena vs. Rock Rematch, Flair-WWE-TNA Update, Brodus Clay, Cena

– Despite being advertised, Brodus Clay was at last night’s RAW Supershow in Philadelphia but not used.

– John Cena appeared on the Preston & Steve Show in Philadelphia this week to promote RAW and WrestleMania. Cena mentioned that his favorite wrestler of all-time is Hulk Hogan.

– WWE made no Hall of Fame announcements on RAW last night so the final name or names should come next week, unless they make the announcement online. Regarding Ric Flair appearing, word now is that Flair may not be appearing on TV but will definitely be in attendance. Apparently WWE and TNA are having negotiations for Flair to appear. It’s said that TNA is not asking WWE for a lot in return.

– This past weekend, WWE officials were discussing a rematch between The Rock and John Cena for WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. There is definitely interest in holding the rematch next year but it will depend on how this year’s match turns out.

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  • This Guy

    Rock vs Shawn Michaels would be an awesome co-main event for next years Wrestle Mania since they’ve never had a match together. And maybe have Rock come back with the hollywood gimmick (wishfull thinking)

  • yespage

    The possible way of doing it would be to have Cena turn heel in order to get the win, and then disrespects The Rock in the ring. Cena goes on about it at Raw and then the issue dies off.

    Then at the Royal Rumble, The Rock comes in as #30, clears the ring to get the shot at Cena at Wrestlemania, or The Rock intervenes at the Royal Rumble with a belt shot to Cena, preventing Cena from a Title win, to start the drive for a rematch.

  • simon07

    I suppose they could make Cena win and then have The Rock disappear for 10 months only to come back and attack Cena and demanding a rematch opposed to announcing it 12 months in advance. And have a 2 month build around The Rock wanting revenge.

    Or they could do it a similar way by having The Rock win this year and have Cena demand a rematch around the royal rumble for wrestlemania only to have The Rock reject him a few times until excepting the challenge?

  • Loose Cannon

    WWE is running out of ways of making wrestle mania spectacular & not exactly the biggest show of the year anymore when every year is planned the same matches same rivals, younger talent is all around & talking about signing new talent well for what job them out to guys who have no talent to make them look they know what doing….give me a break, everyone is bored with the same old song & dance, spice it up & be spectacular not recycled rematches twenty times….

  • Nooch

    Rock/Cena II: Once In a Lifetime.. Again!

  • Jon

    That what I figure. Flair could show up but his not going to appear on WWE TV.

    As for Rock vs Cena I problary the only one saying but overhyping the true main event of HHH vs Taker HITC. Now that match once in a lifetime.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    It would diminsih the match if WWE was talking openly about a rematch to the public, but this is just a dirt sheet reporting behind the scenes plans. If anything it’s a good thing WWE are planning ahead, they should do it more often when it doesnt involve Cena.

    Having said that, I dont want to see a rematch, Put Rock with somebody else.

  • Tony A

    If there’s a rematch, it should happen at Summerslam

  • nick

    idk how another buildup for rock/cena would go… i think they are doing a good job in building the match now. not the best job, but good.. but how much longer are we going to listen about fruity pebbles? i would much rather see both guys work with other people next yr. maybe cena/taker and one last rock/hhh match?

  • SusyRko

    @Dan, the world is going to end as we know it by the end of this year. We are going to reborn next year and that means another lifetime, two different lifetimes.

  • yespage

    The match of the night is HHH v Undertaker. That would be the hypothetical reason to get the PPV.

    I just don’t see the draw with The Rock v Cena. Cena is over with the kids. The Rock is over with the older fans, the people who want to see Cena lose, but I doubt enough to buy the PPV solely for that. That was probably the reason behind booking this match. But the match just doesn’t say anything. It isn’t like The Rock v Hogan.

    I miss Kurt Angle, and a non-homicidal Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero.

  • Dan

    So the whole “Once in a lifetime” tagline for the match is really just “Once a Wrestlemania”?

  • GM

    WWE helped finance ECW at that time.

  • CC

    It depends on what they classify as “not much in return”.
    If it really was that, then it would be agreed straight away. If there is any kind of stalling on WWE’s part, its because whatever TNA is asking for is not good business for WWE.
    At the end of the day, TNA has more to gain from having one of their talent appear on a WWE show than WWE has. This is why it was such a big deal back in the day when ECW guys appeared on RAW. ECW had everything to gain from it, and WWE had nothing to lose.

    As for Cena vs Rock rematch, isnt it a bit too early to be even contemplating it seeing as the first match hasnt happened yet?
    A rematch would be overkill, especially if we have to put up with another year of build up with the same old shit coming from Cena’s limited promo’s.
    This is supposed to be “the biggest match ever”, but if you start talking rematch already, it diminishes the uniqueness of what this match is supposed to be.

  • jigsaw

    if tna isnt looking for much in return for flairs involvement in the hall of fame then the wwe should give tna what they want ric flair is tna talent after all

  • Bastion boogeyman

    It’s easier to masturbate will drunk. I need more money for those hookers.