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News on Chris Jericho’s Return, Interim General Manager News

– Mick Foley will serve as the “interim General Manager” on this week’s Smackdown as he did on this week’s Raw Supershow in place of the “fired” John Laurinaitis. According to Foley’s promo on Monday’s Raw Supershow, past General Managers will be brought in until the board of directors “picks a suitable replacement” for Laurinaitis.

– WWE announced that Chris Jericho will return to the company on next week’s Raw Supershow. While announcing Jericho’s return, it was announced Fozzy’s upcoming album “Sin and Bones” is due out August 14, 2012.

  • False Idol

    With Jericho back and a few more people like Bryan and Punk etc… in the line up (FCW, superstars dark matches), would it be such a bad idea to bring the cruiserweight title back? I see Austin or Regal as a good more perminent GM for Raw. Please WWE don’t make this interim thing go on longer than it has to, not again!

  • aircon


  • Chris

    Bring Back Steve Austin For GM!!!!

  • Little Jimmy

    Mike Adamle FTW!

  • Prince

    Heyman would be great too, but I don’t see it happening. He won’t return full-time. He’s just back to work the Lesnar angle.

  • Prince

    I hope Ric Flair ends up coming back to be the Raw GM since he was recently fired by TNA. I’d also take Foley or Regal though.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Have them all tryout as a GM for a week, and let the fans decide. I’d love Foley, Regal, or Heyman.

  • Tim

    Mike Adamle!!! Ha

  • HBK

    So Eric Bischoff, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon will also return as Temporary GM Lol

  • The Awesome One

    Steve Austin will be the gm on 1000th episode i bet

  • Lil Jimmy G

    @ Jake… You took words out of my mouth.

    That also means Steph, Teddy,William Regal also PAUL HEYMAN!!!!!! will be good

  • voice of reason

    bring back paul heyman as gm or make regal the new gm.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Don’t forget commissioner…..WILLIAM REGAL!

  • Jake

    We want the laptop!!