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News from the Debut WWFX Debut: Morrison Wins Gold, Helms Back In Action, More

– Alexandra sent the following:

I attended the World Wrestling Fan Xperience (WWFX) Champions Showcase Tour debut event at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila. We estimated a crowd of less than 1,200 in a building that seats 15,000 or more. Everyone was saying a DVD would be produced as cameras were filming.

* They started about an hour and half late but Colt Cabana opened the show and did a good job getting everyone ready.

* Jimmy Yang beat Billy Gunn.

* Hurricane Helms had his first match in a long time and defeated Shawn Daivari. Referee Rudy Charles also wrestled Daivari during the match.

* Colt Cobana introduced a kid who was guest ring announcer.

* Melina beat Jillian Hall.

* Beer was brought into the ring and Luke Gallows came out straight edge style and ran down Melina for needing alcohol. Rhino made the save and beat Gallows with a distraction from Melina and the Gore.

* Carlito beat Snitsky.

* MVP beat Chris Masters.

* John Morrison beat Shelton Benjamin to become the first ever WWFX Champion. Morrison had a big victory celebration with confetti and the other face wrestlers in the ring with him including Melina.

Overall it was an average show. The card looked real exciting on paper but none of the matches except Morrison and Benjamin stood out. Judging by crowd reaction most everyone felt the same way.

– Helms, who had his first match since a serious motorcycle accident, wrote the following on Twitter:

“I’m far from “back.” I still got a long road ahead of me but @WWFX last night was certainly encouraging. Great show with great people.”

While MVP praised WWFX officials and mentioned future shows:

“WWFX is a 1st class organization! I look forward to working with them in the future! As I understand it there will be more shows to come.”

  • Stashathan

    not in your case

  • zach

    So Many WWE Rejects this is the same attitude alot of people have towards “TNA” however i see this in a positive light in many ways for these young athletes it doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter whether you belong to the “WWE” or not doesn’t necessarily matter because the “WWE” is only one orginaztion.

  • Jura

    Yeah American fans are lucky, we dont have a big promotion or big stars coming over to New Zealand really at all.

  • Devil_Rising

    I’ll never understand this whole “If someone gets fired from or quits WWE, they’re suddenly a ‘reject'” idea that some of you people seem to have. Just because someone goes and wrestles overseas, or for an Indy promotion, doesn’t mean they’re suddenly “small time”.

    There are “WWE Fans”, there are “TNA Fans”, there are “ROH Fans”, and then, guess what? There’s “WRESTLING FANS”. You know, people who actually respect the business as a whole, and aren’t nut-swinging fanboys of one company or the other. Get real.

    Sounds like a pretty decent show to me. And you know what? Good for the Filipino fans for getting to see a bunch of legit wrestling STARS, something they don’t get very often, and something American fans take grossly for granted.

  • kamala’s foot

    I heard Jillian Hall got so fat, that they had to roll her out of the arena like the blueberry girl from charlie and the chocolate factory.

  • venom

    Reading these results, I thought I was reading Impact spoilers for next week.

  • Shawn

    Should have called the promotion XWWE. Get it?

  • Jason

    All in all it sounds better than a WWE show though.

  • scooter

    but you don’t deny the small penis

  • Bill

    Both of you shut the hell up!

  • lazlo woodbine


    So you funded them?