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More News on Edge Retiring from WWE, WWE’s Lack of Babyfaces Now

– While Edge had been suffering increasing numbness in his arms and hands as well as periods of uncontrollable trembling, very few people knew of the severity of the situation and at WrestleMania 27, there was no kind of talk that it would be Edge’s last match. WWE creative plans were laid out for Extreme Rules and after with Edge involved in the storylines.

The announcement of his retirement came as a shock to almost everyone in the company. The news didn’t really get around until the crew showed up for RAW on Monday.

With Edge gone now, there’s a major lack of babyfaces on the WWE roster, especially on the SmackDown side. Someone like Randy Orton may get moved to SmackDown now or a star like John Morrison, Christian or others may get the big opportunity they’ve been waiting on to fill the void.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    I hope Morrison, Christain, or Kofi takes this opportunity.

  • Yay

    But then there’s Jack Swagger who i see there teasing a face turn of

  • Dale

    @rob, I think they meant main eventers, only 2 of the heels you mentioned(cody & alberto) are main event heels. he’ll, cody isn’t even in the main event. wade should be one, but the corre is santino’s punching bag these days(yes i sad santino).

    ECW Rules!

  • rob

    What are yall talking about?!?

    there are far more heels than faces. Just look at smackdown:

    Heels – Wade Barret, justin gabriel, heath slater, ezekiel, jack swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Cody rhodes, brodus clay.

    Faces Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Christian

    People couldnt give two craps for Big show, Undertaker works part time (Wrestlemania) and everyone else is hardly worth mentioning.

  • Bill

    Lacking faces? No, they’re lacking faces & heels! Think about it. I only know 3 main event heels: Alberto Del Rio, Cm Punk, & Miz. No veterans. I can’t believe WWE doesn’t seize the opportunity to turn Cena or HHH heel. They’re in rivalries with 2 very popular stars(Rock & Taker), so it could work.

  • JIR

    Don’t move Orton from Raw its time for Christian to take his rightful place in the Main Event and it will force the midcard to step-up I’m looking at you Ted.

  • theres less heels than there are faces triple h, taker, orton, cena where as the only really over heel is the miz great reporting genius!

  • U ain’t awesome

    I wish they move morrison over to smackdown, and fuck what he did 2 trish. What has she done 4 the wwe in the past couple years, and make barrett fued wit him 4 the world title.

  • Emerson

    Christians awesome, but vince doesn’t have a good track record of pushing him, and I’m willing to bet christian puts del rio over at extreme rules.

  • adam

    I agree i think cena should go to smackdown. That is more of the kid wrestlers are he can play superhero with rey mysterio over there. But i doubt it will happen because even though this is a long long loooooooong time away when rock comes back to face cena at wrestlmania rock wouldnt be shown on smackdown he would be shown on raw. I think that is a mistake personally because smackdown is the show that needs rating and rock pretty much maide that show i mean hell one of his catch phrases is the name of the show.

  • Stinger

    I couldn’t agree more RCA. If they plan on keeping Cena face, then send him to Smackdown. Let Orton, CM Punk and others run with Raw and see where it goes.

  • RCA

    How about we see Cena pushed over to Smackdown? I’ve been saying this for years now. Raw doesn’t need Cena. It’s been overstacked for years now, and can do just fine without Cena. Smackdown however is struggling with its ratings, why not put the most publicized wrestler on that show and bump up the ratings? Kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • Valo487

    I’d like to see Morrison get that shot, but I think he really stepped in it with this Trish Stratus thing. I hope Christian finally gets a break.