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News on Future WrestleMania Locations, WWE Divas Hoping for a Spot on The Network

– Word is that many of the WWE Divas are looking to get on the “WWE Divas: Heels on Wheels!” road-trip reality show that is being planned for the WWE Network next year because of the exposure it will bring them.

– WWE officials have reportedly decided on locations for WrestleMania 29 in 2013 and WrestleMania 30 in 2014. Top contending cities for those two events are believed to be Toronto and Arlington, Texas but that’s nowhere close to being confirmed yet.

Officials have briefly discussed locations for WrestleMania 31 in 2015 and WrestleMania 32 in 2016 with plans to really start working on the location for those events in January or February of next year.

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  • venom

    I didn’t go to Wrestlemania the last couple of years because I was hoping 30 would be at the Garden.

  • JIR

    Sorry but WM 30 has to be @ MSG its kind of like manditory MSG is the Mecca of Wrestling and on an Anniversiry like that its just not right if it doesn’t happen there

  • Jason

    @ D2K

    WWE might not use JLA (Joe Louis Arena) as quickly as they would either Ford Field where they had WM23 (awesome atmosphere) or maybe even The Silverdome where they had WM 3 but personally I’d like it at JLA or maybe even the renovated Cobo Arena downtown as well.

  • D2K

    Sorry bout that. My mistake. Got mixed up there.

  • Max


    The molson centre (now called the bell centre) wasn’t in Toronto but in MontrĂ©al, Qc.

  • El Dandy

    I’ve been banking on 30 @ MSG for years now.
    Uk’s a bad idea I think (I am English)
    Higher chance of rain.
    Time difference so it’d be afternoon for US.
    The fact that there hasn’t been a sold old show over here in years!

    I think 29 has to do something HUGE! Rock vs Cena at 28… you can’t just do an average Mania for 29 or people are just going to wait for 30, hoping for something big due to the round number…. and hope it doesn’t disappoint like 20

  • Luke


  • Dx

    Wm30 needs to be in msg

  • D2K

    They already HAVE captured the glory and grandeur of Wrestlemania at MSG. There wouldn’t even BE a Wrestlemania without MSG. Putting a Wrestlemania in a large stadium doesn’t automatically make it great. Last year Wrestlemania was at the Georgiadome in Atlanta and it sucked all over the place. The crowd was quiet, the match line-up was terrible, and the ring work was sloppy.

    Wrestlemania 14 which was held at Boston at the Fleet Center runs circles around most all but three of the Wrestlemanias this past decade. What matters is the content, not the venue. Wrestlemania X-7 was great because of the card, not ‘because’ it was held in the Astrodome. Wrestlemanias VI and X-8 were great because of the card and huge mega-matches, not because they were held at the Skydome.

    Think about it. With the reception that Hogan got at the Molson Centre in Toronto the next night on RAW, had Wrestlemania taken place there instead of Skydome the Rock/Hogan match still would have been epic.

    The point is that large stadium used PROPERLY can set off a Wrestlemania, but small venues ALSO used properly can set off a Wrestlemania. Why do you think they keep going back to Allstate Arena (Rosemont Horizon?) It’s because of the ambiance of the building and the loyal fan base. And that is what MSG offers.

    When it comes to MSG, Allstate Arena, and probably Joe Lewis Arena those venues are a part of WWE Lore. They will always be a special spot for those places as long as WWE exists. MSG IS Wrestlemania.

  • nick

    leave it at msg… or somewhere in ny

  • Zach D

    I say that because it is small, and closed in. I agree that past Wrestlemanias have been a good fit in MSG but huge outdoor stadiums feel much more WM to me. They say glory and grandeur of Wrestlemania, you can’t capture that in little MSG.

  • chris

    WM could easily be held in the uk.. have it at wembley .. if the weather is good open roof.. if its poor close the roof. massive stadium also.

  • simon316

    here here adam, the uk have been a main staple in the wwe calander for years dating back to uk/european rampage tours and of course summerslam 92, think any Wrestlemania out side the states would be a bonus no matter where it was held, there has to be some noteable reason why vince and his collegues havent said “yes lets put mania in the uk”,there are plenty of arenas or stadiums that they could use but as i say for some reason they just wont bring it over

  • Adam

    How about WrestleMania in the UK for a change?!

  • D2K

    WM29, Cowboys Stadium to try and rebreak the world-indoor attendance record, and WM30 at MSG because every 10 years you always hold it at MSG. And MSG DOES have Wrestlemania feel to it if you have been their from the beginning. It’s the most history non-stadium arena in the world. Max capacity for a wrestling event is 25,000. I think that’s a nice round number.

  • Zach D

    MSG doesn’t have the Wrestlemania feel to it

  • Ryan

    why would mania 30 not be in MSG…..does vince want to bury that history too

  • Effmenow

    Houston Texas had it not Arlington and Toronto has already had 2 WM’s there so screw that. And plus I’m like 99.9% sure that WM 30 will be in Madison Square Garden, but again I can’t confirm this.

  • Ryan

    they need to have one in vegas! if they do my fiance said she would pay for tickets for me and a buddy so that she wouldnt have to go with me haha

  • Jon

    It should be Toronto. Texas already had WM a few ago and Toronto is a great place to have it.