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News on John Cena Winning the WWE Title, SmackDown Attendance and More

– The pre-sale code for the November 29th WWE RAW Supershow in Columbia, South Carolina is RAWCLA.

– Former WWE Diva Lena Yada will be getting married to Disturbed lead singer David Draiman this coming Sunday, September 25th.

– Regarding the low attendance at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Dayton, Ohio, officials from the Nutter Center would not release the attendance information due to an order from WWE.

– It’s said that WWE putting the WWE Title on John Cena at Night of Champions was their response to the 2.71 RAW Supershow rating from the previous week.

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  • LVW

    People worry so freaking much about who’s champ and who isn’t they can’t just enjoy the shows. I wish my biggest worry in life was Cena being WWE champ.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Hey Vince, you wanna put asses in the seats for your SmackDown tapings? Move John Cena to SmackDown and get him the fuck off RAW

  • roger

    lol its beautiful Cena is Champ

  • Joe Thunder

    Cena being champion is not a bad thing; they just need to have him defend the title on RAW from time to time against a midcard guy and let them put on a solid wrestling match. The best way to make your champion legit is to make him credible to the fans. Everyone hates him so much that I think WWE needs to just prove how good he actually is.

  • ???????

    Dogshit > disturbed. Absolutely, positively, the worst band EVER. Would rather ram my head through a wall than listen to that garbage. O and not to get off topic, cena sucks too. Even his theme song is better than ANYTHING disturbed has done or ever will do…

  • CC

    Its bullshit that that was the reason Cena won. The real reason is that despite seemingly turning a creative corner with the Punk angle, the company still cannot get out of the mindset that Cena has to be champ to make him look better than anyone else.

  • EFFIN Bullspit. Muy pissed off, this is Chavo, and some of you know me as the inquistador wrestler that can take on any competitor.

    Anywho, John Cena is a POS wrestler. Great Mic skills, horrible wrestling skills like Hulk Hogan. It’s a travesty to give this man a title for some crap wrestling.

    All to my haters can also go fudge themselves up in the asshole.

  • rock

    the same super show that went up against Monday Night football? if so uh no wonder it was a low rating i know i watched football over raw that past two weeks. i just make sure i see cm punk and hhh segments and cena segments.

  • Jimbo

    The ratings dropped because most of your fanbase is 10 and younger and they go to bed early for school.

  • venom

    Okay, so if we get more viewers for Raw, will cena drop the title again?