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News on John Cena & the WWE Title, Curtis’ SmackDown Debut, Punk-RAW

– A promo was taped at last Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings where Johnny Curtis said he would be debuting on the August 5th episode. For some reason or another, the promo with Curtis did not air on this week’s SmackDown so it doesn’t look like he will be debuting next Friday.

– To promote Monday’s RAW, CM Punk will be appearing at JD Byrider on West 38th. Street in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon from 11:45am until 1pm. The Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis has also announced a CM Punk vs. John Cena match for Monday’s RAW, likely the dark main event.

– This past Friday, John Cena surpassed Pedro Morales with more days spent as WWE Champion. As of today, Cena has held the WWE Title a total of 1,030 days over his 9 reigns. Cena is currently #4 on the list behind #3 Bob Backlund, #2 Hulk Hogan and #1 Bruno Sammartino.

If you include Cena’s 2 reigns with the World Heavyweight Title, Cena’s total days as a major champion in WWE is 1,133. If Cena keeps the WWE Title until SummerSlam on August 14th, he will pass Triple H’s total 1,148 days as a WWE Champion & World Champion, based off Triple H’s 8 WWE Title reigns and 5 World Heavyweight Title reigns.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • JipC

    Loyd you are delusional. Cena sells like shit. Doesnt matter if his opponent is working the shoulder,neck, or leg. At the end of the match Super Cena will forget about it and run around like a maniac doing the FU.Cena is just as bad as Hogan, except no one give a flying fuck about the John Cena character. He is the shits both in and out of the ring and puts on a vastly mediocre show but what would you expect from a vastly mediocre talent. He is a mcdonalds cheese burger vince mcmahon tries to pawn off as a peter luger steak.

  • loyd

    I don’t understand why folks complain about Cena. He works harder than any other WWE star. He sells every match to the fullest. At least he has talent. Something Hogan never had. I always thought the Rock would be the greatest WWE champion in history but it is understandable why he was side tracked to make movies. For those who have never took a bump in a squared circle. It would have been an honor to have took my bumps along side John Cena. He sells his opponents, He sells himself, and puts on an fantastic show for the fans. He should be called Superman. He has earned the nickname.

  • CM Mark

    Yeah Cena just had a baby put him on maternity leave…lol.

  • me

    Cena should get to wear the title he works his ass off for wwe much more then how many other westlers that had there shots over and over and over yet who cries about them? its just we have are cry babies about cena all the time jeleous much are ya i admit there is many who should be in the title reins as well there is lots that should be not that are @ keylo if you not a kid i say wow because is not kids whining all the time is it

  • man

    Cena hasent held the title for a whole year remember? The whole nexus. Stuff

  • keylo

    I have this horrible feeling we wont see Cena without the title for longer than a month, as it will give VKM the perfect chance to shove the middle finger up at 3 of his most hated. As it wont be too long till superman over takes Hogan and and Bruno who VKM hates both with a passion these days and over takes Flairs 16 title run, although no matter what superman cenas stats are at the end of his career, his run as chump/champ will always be seen as a joke to most, bar the kiddies that is.

  • Henry Langford

    I can see Cena in the not so near future, in his 50s with white hair, and still wearing his baggy shorts and big colourful shirts.

  • erik

    why don’t you guys quit watching wwe. because cena is going to be keeping getting wwe titles. even though noone wants to see him as champion anymore. 6 years of wwe title reigns. it is really old stale. no wonder wwe stocks and ppvs are as low as playboy hugh sex drive.

  • venom

    Please have Cena lose to Punk at Summer Slam, and keep the title away from Cena the rest of the year. We all now Cena isn’t retiring anytime soon so keep the title away from him.