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News on John Cena’s Exit from the WWE Title Picture, Happening at Vengeance?

– Sources report that WWE’s Vengeance pay-per-view will be the event where John Cena finally breaks away from the WWE Title picture. Cena will be facing Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match for Del Rio’s WWE Title.

This would indicate that Del Rio is retaining the title. After Vengeance, Cena will begin the build for Survivor Series and further his feud with The Rock. Del Rio is scheduled to go into a feud with CM Punk.

Source: PWInsider

  • Teran

    I can see Cena losing a Last Man Standing match, because after the trickery at HIAC, I imagine Del Rio, if he were to win, would use some sort of tactic to keep Cena pinned the the ground by some sort of heavy object/chains or whatever the fuck. In any case, he can pull off a heel victory whereas an I Quit match would basically be a guaranteed burying by Cena.

    I just hope these rumours are true, Cena being out of the title picture for the first time in 6 years will do him a lot of good.

  • adam

    Then he can say the next night….”its not like you people were going to like me anyways as soon as HE came back I have been here all along were has he been making movies come on give me a break i have been the face of wwe still most of you hate me…For now on i do things for myself” or something like that.

  • adam

    I could see miz and r truth screwing cena. Or the group with christian ziggler swagger and all them. Also i dont think rock will cost cena the title. I say at survivor series cena will turn heel and screw his team and attack the rock.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Cena wont be turning heel anytime soon until after wrestlemania, he’s supposed to team with the Rock at SS so it wouldnt make sense for him to be a heel now.

  • Jimbo

    Won’t believe it til I see it.

  • The Fork on the left

    Can you really win clean in a Last Man Standing match?

  • Dave

    They need to take Cena away from the title picture. Otherwise this time nex year, he will be matching Ric Flairs 16 world titles.

  • poko

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • venom

    Because Cena’s team with The Rock is suppose to go up against Miz,R-Truth, Nash, and others at Survivor series.

  • Zach D

    @ venom

    Why would Miz and Truth take out Cena?

  • tim

    Cena loses and turns heel hopefully

  • blinQ

    omg, how is John Cena going to lose against Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match? He’s a SUPERMAN, for God’s sake! Forget about the Lamborghinis, Cadillacs, Ferraris, Mercedes’s… bring a TRUCK to run down Cena!

  • venom

    Miz and R-Truth will take out Cena.

  • Zach D

    Thats what I mean, the only way Cena will lose a last man standing match is if somebody interferes and takes him out. He wont lose clean in that match.

  • Hasan

    How is he going to lose a last man standing match ? :O

  • @Steve To answer your question on John Cena losing a Last Man Standing match, WWE Backlash 2009.

  • Buttercastle

    @Zach Rock is going to be on Cena’s team for Survivor Series, why would he intentionally scree him over on to have to team with him later? Sure there’s sone tension between the two but it doesn’t make sense to have him interfere because then it’s basically giving away SS by telling everyone they won’t work together. It makes more sense if Rock turns on Cena during or after the match, however.

  • Steve

    Wow… has Cena ever lost a Last Man Standing match? I know he’s never lost an “I Quit” match. Could this be the beginning of the long awaited Cena heel turn? Actually, what am I talking about… we all know Vince will change his mind minutes before the match and Cena will somehow win. Damn!

  • I wonder

    You know as messed up as this Cena and Rock thing is. It may actually help cena out if he stay off the fucking title for more than 5 seconds.
    I just hope Cena does not win. Personally Id rather see it be a DQ match and neither man wins. But I cant see Rock Jobbing to coco puff.
    But the trolls on here will say ROCKS SUCKS and sold ok. Ah ok jack asses. Guess everyone that so called retired and left to pursue other business interests sold out. Come on you jack offs.

  • Zach D

    the rock will make sure Cena loses, and that starts the build

  • C – Sation

    hala lu ya
    hala lu ya
    hala lu ya

  • venom

    Miz and R-Truth will help Del Rio.