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News On When The Nexus Will Be Broken Up, Latest Name Discussed For HOF

— The November programming schedule for WWE Classics on Demand has been released here.

— J.J. Dillon’s name has been discussed for induction into next year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. Should it occur, it is expected that he would be inducted with the Four Horsemen as a group rather than by himself.

— WWE’s creative department has discussed keeping The Nexus together through WrestleMania and then splitting the group via the annual Draft in April.

Click here to see Wade Barrett’s mug shot ->

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • cenaWWE

    uh… most of us were sick of nexus when they were in ntx (which in its total history i’ve only watched 5 mins. of) DIE NEXUS DIE!!!!!

  • venom

    I think The Nexus thing is the best storyline going on. It involves new stars were not sick of.

  • nnla

    I don’t “Nexus” but I just wish they weren’t a part of the beginning, middle and end of the show.. I think they should go with the mind game approach instead of the tough guy approach.

  • Dwayne

    Im digging the Nexus thing(probably the only one),but I hope they combine the brands already!

  • Taylor


  • Im Only 15

    NO WE DONT!!!!!!!! HAHA

  • Franchise


  • Dave

    I could have sworn they were building up to combust internally, not just split up because of the draft.

  • me

    raw would be half watchable if Nexus was gone it’s the same thing every week

  • Splinter

    No, you don’t. The beauty of the 21st century is that there are now more than three channels. 😉

  • The GOAT

    Ugh so I have to watch this crap that long