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News on Randy Orton’s Injury, Shawn Michaels & the Boston RAW, Today’s Superstars

– Matches for today’s WWE Superstars include Aksana vs. Maxine, WWE Tag Team Champions Epico & Primo vs. Santino Marella & Alex Riley plus Mason Ryan vs. WWE United States Champion Jack Swagger.

– WWE’s story on Randy Orton’s concussion from Monday’s RAW is that he suffered a concussion when Daniel Bryan hit him with the World Heavyweight Title but this is likely just a storyline reason. During the match against Big Show when the injury occurred, Orton can be seen getting up and his legs weren’t steady, after delivering the RKO to Big Show. Orton got up from the RKO slowly and immediately grabbed his head.

Backstage at RAW on Monday, nobody knew Orton was injured or at least they weren’t talking about it.

– When promoting Triple H vs. The Undertaker, a local ad for the March 5th RAW Supershow from Boston asks how will Shawn Michaels respond but doesn’t say what he will be responding to. It’s been speculated that Shawn will be the special referee for Taker and Triple H’s WrestleMania 28 match.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • me

    k let’s get a few things straight for those of you who don’t know shit about wrestling.

    i am a fan of big show and orton, but show botched, show was meant to reverse the rko, rebound orton off the ropes, go for a chokeslam get countered and RKO’D, exactly what happened after he got up, he botched originally because he went down as if he was rko’d, instead of reversing it, also orton grabbed his head on the ropes to waste time while show got up after the “botched rko” he was not concussed at that point.

  • Will Henderson

    i don’t think he suffered the concussion while doing the RKO, i think he suffered the concussion when he nailed Big Show with a DDT, if you noticed, he hit the back of his head hard when he hit the DDT. the botched RKO was because of the concussion.

  • dashing1

    Im pretty sure big show didn’t fall on time not an Orton botch. I’ve never seen Orton botch a move. Can’t say that about many.

  • Devil_Rising

    DDP would never have botched the diamond cutter 😉

  • Legend Killer

    Is that the second attempt at the RKO or the first which HE botched?

  • Jimbo

    So they’ll use it as an excuse to insert him into the WHC match at WM.