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News on The Rock’s Return, WWE Stars on Regretful Tweets

– Embedded in the video below is this week’s episode of WWE Inbox. This week’s show WWE stars talk about regretful Tweets, awkward dating topics and more.

– The Rock is expected to be appearing on Raw the week before the Royal Rumble. According to PWInsider, he will then make appearances every other Raw leading into WrestleMania.

  • Jeremy

    “Millions of viewers, millions of viewers!!!” lmao. Push these guys already and stop with the rey-cara and “team rhodes” tagteams

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @Zedd from the neck down is all I care about

  • adam

    Yes he has appperances but there going to be like him getting video taped from his house oh i wish i was there so you can smell what im cooking. But he wont actually be there

  • adam

    The problem is that they might put the title on him and he wont ever be on raw until wrestlemania

  • frankielldeo

    i dont care if he showed up once a month, im glad to see him back and he makes it fresh to watch again, fair play to him now that his film career has taken off, we need warrior back just to see what craap he comes out with lol

  • Zedd

    Kaitlyn looks like a man from the neck up.

  • Nigger Please I’m the real sym

    Niggers be tippin hoe

  • Prince

    Does every other mean he’ll be on every other week? Or every show until WrestleMania? The wording is confusing.

  • john

    hey i m a 10 yr old

    an i think CENA SUCKS!!!!!!!

  • Big Beef Joe

    I like sucking and being sucked, I like to kiss…



  • Cboz78

    Crap, he is probably winning the title if he has appearances all the way up to WM. 🙁

  • scooter

    So he and Punk will have close to no build up? Great idea WWE it’s not like the promos was one of the biggest selling points of this feud right?

  • LEGO

    better than nothing …people will moan about him not being there every week but i personally don’t see the problem he has movies to promote as well as wwe at the same time of year