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News on SmackDown’s Social Media Score, WWE Vintage Collection

– WWE Vintage Collection on September 28th, 2012 featured these matches:

* Earthquake vs. Yokozuna (Sumo Match, WWF Raw – May 16th, 1994)
* Henry Godwinn vs. Triple H (Hog Pen Match, WWF In Your House – December 17th, 1995)
* Howard Finkel vs. Harvey Wippleman (Tuxedo Match, WWF Raw – January 9th, 1995)
* Davey Boy Smith vs. Ahmed Johnson (Arm Wrestling Match, WWF Raw – April 8th, 1996)
* Goldust vs. The Undertaker (Casket Match, WWF In Your House/Beware Of Dog 2)

– Friday’s WWE Smackdown episode scored 98,488 in social media activity, which was up 17 percent compared to last week.

Smackdown ranked #2 on cable TV, trailing the Ryder Cup on ESPN. Smackdown has ranked #1 or #2 on Friday nights for seven consecutive week.

Source: Trendrr.TV

  • KingAlbert

    the Hunter hearst helmsley match was the best.

  • JohnCena33

    I wish WWE had brand separation.
    RAW could have the divas, the USA title and the WWE title. Where as Smackdown could have the tag titles, the IC title, and the world title.

    It would be easier and I think funner, becuase I always liked the WWE draft and predicting who would feud with who after the brand transfer.

  • Vin

    Who Gives A Damn