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News on the Tamina vs. Natalya Feud, Triple H’s New DVD Pulled by WWE Again

– There was speculation on SmackDown Diva Tamina’s heel or babyface status after she recently turned on Natalya during a SmackDown episode. Tamina has been working WWE live events as a babyface Diva so it looks like that’s the role she’s playing after turning on Natalya.

WWE’s website has a new article up looking at their fathers – Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, and how they relate to the Tamina vs. Natalya feud.

– WWEDVDNews reports that WWE has removed the planned Triple H feature from their internal DVD release schedule. The set was previously confirmed for a March 13th release and even assigned catalog/UPC numbers plus a synopsis but for some reason, it looks to be canceled or postponed for the second year in a row.

  • venom

    I think they should make a Punk DVD before another HHH DVD.

  • Nicholas G

    If you don’t want a HHH DVD they don’t buy it. But myself can’t wait to see it when it does come out. Also stop with this WE stuff it is you haters that don’t want to see another HHH DVD.

  • Mark

    they really do need to sort the divas division out. Certainly is lacking something. as soon as Layla or Lacool come back the better.

  • PLW

    I remember last year, Katilyn wrestled as face on t.v., but during house shows she wrestled as heel with Layla. Tamina as a face? When she clearly displays heelish behavior on live tv. She has the demeanor of a heel just by her physical presence. Just because she works face at house shows, doesn’t necessarily means she’s face. Then again it is the WWE THEY FUCK UP EVERY CHANCE THEY GET! ESPECIALLY WITH THE DIVAS DIVISION!

  • PLW

    Last year, Katilyn was wrestle as a heel with Layla against Kelly Kelly and Aj. Tamina as a face, she acts more heelish then anything. Just because she works as a face at house shows doesn’t mean she is. I think she has more of a heel demeanor anyway…

  • Bastion Booger

    I would like a Booker T dvd too but unfortunately they won’t be able to show his best of 7 series with Chris Benoit which were some of my favorite matches ever

  • PinkSinCara

    We don’t need another HHH DVD. I want a DVD of Booker T’s career

  • They need to stop jobbing Natalya.