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News for Tonight’s Impact Wrestling – Chavo’s TNA Debut, Hulk Hogan’s Replacement & More

– Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling will open live with Dixie Carter naming a temporary replacement for Hulk Hogan as authority figure of the show. Also confirmed for tonight:

* Chavo Guerrero’s TNA debut. Chavo will speak for the first time on TV since leaving WWE

* James Storm vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Bully Ray in Bound For Glory Series matches

* Mickie James and Tara vs. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim

* X Division Champion Zema Ion will defend his title

* Sam Shaw will get another shot at the TNA Gutcheck competition after Aces & 8’s attacked him last week

  • eric

    made really point. brock and rock are big draws still. can draw big ratings and big ppv buys. btw tna was alot better in 2004-2009 when it was six sided ring x divison. samoa joe vs daniels vs aj from 2005-2006 was amazing. tna was alot better. doesn’t need hogan and old guys. that was my point. tna is paying hogan 2million dollars yr. what is tna getting out of 60 yr hogan? well ratings in tank since hogan was on tv and his no talent daughter brooke. tna is not in mainstream. tna has lost alot great talent just to keep paying hogan who is living in past 2 million yr. gen me, jay lethal, dafney, heck taylor wilde had to work selling sunglasses to pay bills when she was in tna. because she was not getting paied enough. pretty sad and pathetic. tna went to monday nights hogan big idea. they got destroy. my point is old guys are costing tna alot money. reminds me of old wcw. i mean hogan, bischoff, sting etc all old legends getting all attention majority of time. diffrence is tna never had a rise. tna was alot better when they didn’t have hogan and his friends sucking company dry. diffrence from wcw in 90’s tna in 2012. hogan and legends were alot younger could go in ring. put wcw on map get alot viewers. last year big match for tna biggest ppv of yr. was it young guys in main event? no it was sting and 60 yr old hogan at bfg 2011. lol i mean if this was 15 yr ago 1997 then yeah that would big a huge pp buys sell. but it was 2011. wonder why tna can’t get big ppv buys. noone wants to see a bunch of old guys in main event anymore. tna used to be good. i am sure it will be 60 yr old can’t walk at all. hogan in main event at bfg 2012. is dixie moron! thank god wwe has guys who are in shape and still draw money. rock vs cena got over million ppv buys. tna bfg 2011 didn’t even do anything big. what do u except guys they are boooking for main event of there ppv is in 50 and uo club. tna is not being put on map even with legend like hogan. notice when wwe about to have wrestlemania ppv that ever mainstream channel cover it? when tna has it biggest ppv bound for glory. not single channel in mainstream gives crap. shows how underradar tna is even with hogan. tna get rid hogan already. this is not 90’s if this was 1997 i am sure tna would be on map. but it is not it is 2012. hogan is there for fat paycheck nothing else. time for dixie and tna wake up relize it!

  • Rucdogg

    never understood why people who dont like something go out of their way to read about it then talk shit. truth be told, tna has been better than wwe lately, besides raw1000. ratings are up, got a damn good champ, the older guys are getting less tv time and they are creating new stars. wheres the problem? oh, i know, its not wwe

  • eric

    tna sinking ship hogan 80s hasbeen is captain of ship if dixie would quit marking out to hogan get off damn twitter for 5 minutes. hogan is not draw cashcow he was in 80’s and 90’s wwe and wcw. he is old broken down hasbeen who can’t draw 5 cents to start lemonade stand. tna been all about hogan for 2 yrs hogan on evey segment main focuse about hogan. well he is not paying off. time let old dog go dixie. this is not 90’s anymore. diffrence with wwe is simple rock is 40 and lesnar 35 they are still in shape can draw alot ratings ppv buys.

  • Chris E.

    I think it will happen, but I hope Chavo goes over BIGTIME on his TNA debut.

  • ant

    TNA has a bunch of wrestlers in stock i mean they have alot of wrestlers in OVW and im sure they could have some sort of mutual agreement with AAA where they could exchange talent its all on TNA what they do next i will say that there show has improved an awful lot

  • KingAlbert

    TNA need to shut up shop and fuck off altogether, getting sad and pathetic now.

  • Dave

    But talent costs. And TNA is really trying to keep a lid on costs right now. It has been rumoured that has been the reason why Velvet Sky and Matt Morgan have let their contracts expire. TNA just weren’t willing, or able, to pay them what they think they are worth. They have largely been signing young and upcoming talent lately, which is a lot cheaper than resigning current stars to new contracts.

  • SYM

    TNA needs more Wrestlers there show is getting repetitive.