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News for Tonight’s RAW Supershow; Angle with HHH, SmackDown Superstars & More

– Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow takes place from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana with the fallout from Hell in a Cell and the build for Vengeance, which takes place in just a few weeks. SmackDown stars advertised for tonight’s show include World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Christian, Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is advertised for the local crowd.

No matches have been announced for tonight’s show. Based on last week’s SmackDown, the group of disgruntled Superstars are expected to confront Triple H tonight.

WWE’s website is teasing that a mystery person was responsible for lowering the Cell last night before Triple H could make it in to stop The Miz and R-Truth. The teasers for tonight’s RAW Supershow ask if Triple H will be able to stop WWE from spiraling out of control.

  • venom


    Sorry to hear your husband is a hoe.

  • Superman

    When it said angle withe triple h I was thinking Kurt Angle

  • DammedKaos

    Ya cause he got sick of dixie who doesnt know how to run a wrestling company but baught it anyways because she got daddy’s money and wants to get something big.

  • dave

    i heard mick wants sum more of that hoe name steph so hes coming bak soon yeah for the marks

  • tombstonepiledriver

    and Kevin I think mike said his husband is a hoe. and um looks like maybe he likes to bake wolverines or something?

  • tombstonepiledriver

    Mick was awesome in WWE, Mick was good in TNA (but everything else around him sucked) and Mick will once again be awesome in WWE.

  • JIR

    True its still up in the air if Foley returns but its a nice thought considering the best GM/Commissioner in WWE history is Mick Foley and the RAW GM hasn’t popped in lately its all wishful thinking but thats enough

  • DammedKaos

    I never actually called him a hasben. I changed my name because there were two adam’s this is easier to distinguish. BUt i never called Mick a has been i think tna should of kept using him as the head of the network he is a good authority figure. I hope thats what he is. I hope he comes in to open up raw and says since Triple H came he lost all control over this show. And triple H says something like no i have control then Mick says no you made it So I lost control and then its revealed that he is the Raw Gm again. I used to like it when mick was the GM of raw it was entertaining. The best raw GM was bichoff but Mick and Austin are tied for a close second.

  • kevin

    I understand what you TNA loyalists are saying but Foley hasnt steped in a WWE ring has he?? I just couldnt understand Mike’s paragraph or whatever that was….

  • Matt

    you know the mystery person is gonna be Vince.

  • promoist

    clearly mcmahon

  • Ironcross

    mike the question isn’t about mick foley, they question is could jesus himself microwave a burrito so hot even he couldn’t eat it?

  • @Kevin

    The same people who were dissing Foley and calling him a fat old worthless washed up bum, goes running back to WWE (or those same marks are HOPING he goes back to WWE) and now those same marks, are already praising the move and giving him props. All for something that hasn’t even happen yet.

  • muh boy

    mike said all of you are wwefanboys

  • kevin

    What did Mike just say???

  • mike

    im lol at the poeple wanting mick foley bak in the wwe but when he was n tna they called him fat old husband now hoe heading bak to wwe everine loves him again oh the marks

  • Joe

    Could the mystery person be Mick Foley?