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News on Top Stars Being Absent from RAW’s Ending, Zack Ryder Comments, More

– WWE returns to Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum on Saturday, December 17th. The pre-sale begins this Wednesday morning and the pre-sale code is WWERYDER.

– Zack Ryder wrote the following on Twitter last night about now getting a match on RAW: “Pinned @HEELZiggler 2 weeks in a row and not in the #Raw main event this week? #areyouseriousbro?”

– It was noted that during the final segment on RAW last night, names like John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly weren’t at ringside. Word is that WWE was expecting the fans to boo the Superstars who walked out and didn’t want certain ones getting heat from the crowd.

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  • venom

    Mayson Ryan will be champion by next year.

  • KitKrock

    Boretistwo should be killed!

  • Devil_Rising

    WWE really needs to quit being concerned about who, how, and why people cheer or boo. Let the fans decide how they want to react. Don’t insult their intelligence by trying to push them in one direction or another.

    One key in that would have been, when Cena was regularly getting booed to hell (far worse than he does now) a few years back, it would have been a GOOD time to either QUIT pushing him, or to turn him heel. The crowd is supposed to decide what happens in wrestling, ultimate, with their reactions, and their dollars.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Mason Ryan is about to be pushed up everyone’s ass, hopefully he’ll be sent to smackdown for the lackluster roster. As for Zack Ryder, I don’t understand WWE, the reason why Cena is always on top is because of his sales and ratings. Zack Ryder sells more merchandise then Batistwo and half the roster. Audiences everywhere chant “we want ryder” and his internet show attracts so many viewers, isn’t that enough to consider him a ratings drawer? but Batistwo is getting the push? Lame. I hope he gets sent to smackdown. At the least maybe Batistwo will develop some decent microphone skills.

  • bloodstone

    i think the should of left jr as sole person to stay at ring side .but that’s just me

  • Batista Cara

    batista should come back to wwe , so they can have a batista vs batista feud, just liken the sin cara vs sin cara

  • breezy

    so cm punk is a fan favorite so he doesnt have nothing bad to say about wwe or triple h? cm punk being the voice of the voiceless… my ass. i told everyone the miz is the best in the world and can do everything better then punk… everyone’s ATTITUDE savior has turned into another john cena and randy orton. if they wanted cm punk to stand out from them they are doing all the wrong decisions

  • Jimbo


    Because Mason Ryan is about to get pushed to the moon.

  • dominic

    I thought both Mason Ryan and Sheamus were at ringside for that segment with the rest of the superstars…hmm will have to watch it again!!

  • joe

    they brought those stars out cuz they didnt care if they got booed, they just didnt want their top faces such as cena, orton etc. to get booed

  • Paton

    that just makes the segment a joke then

    “lets see what the talent think, except we won’t give the biggest one’s a say”

  • JIR

    Cena/Orton = it wouldn’t have a made a difference with the crowds
    CM Punk = maybe a little nothing he can fix on the mic
    Mason Ryan= I understand this move he is just back from injury don’t want to bury him yet
    Eve and Kelly = yeah me personally I would want to hurt their feels with boos but really? no one would remember after a week

  • CC

    Doesnt make any sense at all. For starters, nothing will stop Cena getting booed by large sections of the audience.
    On top of this, why have other faces like Kingston, Bourne, JR and King walk out if it was just about not having the fans boo?
    Simple fact is, having Cena, Orton and Punk etc out there would have actually probably lessened the boos because of how many fans they have.

    Having the top names walk out would have made it actually a lot stronger for them to walk out, so in essence not having them there was a huge shot in their own feet.

    And as mentioned, why was Mason Ryan on the list of people they dont want booed?

  • Jimbo

    They’re giving Ryder’s push to Mason Ryan…because he’s big and muscular and looks like Batista.

  • xXx

    so batistwo is a top star now?