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News from Undertaker’s FCW Appearance, McCool Due Any Day, More

– Around 600 fans came to The Bull in Tampa, Florida last night for a FCW live event that benefited The Angelus, a group that volunteers their services to raise money for handicapped children. A group of handicapped children were sitting on the left and right sides of the entrance where the wrestlers came down at. The big draw of the night was a special appearance by The Undertaker, who also did a meet-and-greet before the show.

We noted before that FCW President Steve Keirn cut a promo before the show and thanked Undertaker for coming, mentioning that Taker and wife Michelle McCool were expecting a child. In an update, Keirn added that McCool is expecting their child any day now. Keirn added that Taker said he wouldn’t miss the event for anything.

The Undertaker later suddenly appeared on stage after a Fatal 4 Way tag team match and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. Taker saluted the crowd and posed on stage with the handicapped children as the crowd chanted his name. The moment was described as out of character but completely classy for The Undertaker.

  • voice of reason

    i’d hate to be the kid when i’m in trouble lmfao

  • voice of reason

    taker = class act all the way

  • W.cares

    Props to Taker for doing that and congrats to him and McCool

    Trouble is once the baby’s born Taker will never get to



    Peaaaaaaaace (That sucked I know lol)

  • Jimbo

    Wow, that is impressive that Taker took time to do that. What a guy.

  • Kawika

    @stockshark28 So showing respect to a guy who been nothing but a professional throughout his career, someone who even the young talent respect as a mentor and some cases a father or elder figure and who also has the respect and trust of the top guy in the company who doesnt trust much people in Vince means everyone is kissing his ass just shows how self absorb and small minded your thinking is. I respect him because through out his career he earned everything he has. He was not one of those guys who public persona is all nice and caring when in the the locker room he is thought of as backstabbing bitchy or just simply all for himself and a asshole. I have never heard anyone come out and say he kept them down or refused to put someone over or bitching and moaning about why he havent had more title runs or not having more tv time. I would take a man like Taker over these younger guys who’s attitude is all about me, I want it now, I dont care about the business or others as long as I get what I want even if I haven’t earned it.

  • Yes! 3X

    Congrats to Taker but isn’t 47 alittle old to still be having kids? This would also be his 4th child with his 3rd wife. The age gaps between the kids are huge. His oldest son is like 22 or 23. Again none of my business but it just seems alittle odd.

  • stockshark28

    WOW Undertaker sure does have a lot of lip prints on his arse! LOL he is and old man dude looks stupid with that mohawk!

  • Kawika

    Takers always been one of the most respected wrestlers in the industry. You always hear about his loyalty and how others in the locker room looks up to him. A great and classy guy that other wrestlers should look to be like as a professional and person. Much respect and congrats to you and Micheale.

  • Omar

    I have never heard any wrestling insider speak bad about Taker.

  • Nick

    Good for The Undertaker.