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News from the WWE TE Finale, Update on Batista’s Gym, Bret Comments on RAW

– Bret Hart wrote the following on Twitter last night, taking a shot at R-Truth using a water bottle as a weapon on RAW last night: “A plastic water bottle as a weapon? I wish Jack Tunney was around 2 crackdown on such vicious foreign objects. Bag of marshmallows nxt wk”

– The new MMA gym that Batista is involved with, called Gracie Fighter Tampa, will have a grand opening this Saturday in Tampa, Florida at 6333 N. Dale Mabry Highway. As noted before, Batista and Cesar Gracie are partners in the gym. Batista, Gracie and Nick Diaz will be signing autographs at the gym from 4pm until 8pm on Saturday.

– On last week’s WWE Tough Enough finale, Andy Leavine and Luke Robinson were told that regardless of who won, the winner would be slapped by Vince McMahon and stunned by Steve Austin. Neither man knew the winner until it was announced live on RAW. There was a rehearsal for the segment before the show but they did not practice the slap or the Stunner.

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  • venom


    The water coming out of the bottle can go in the guys eyes. lol.


    Unfortunately, Luke will be in FCW forever. Look how long it took for Miz and Morrison to get on tv full time after tough enough.

  • lew

    @ mark u should let a grown ass man smack u with a full bottle of water i bet u will see the difference lol

  • mark

    Have to agree with Bret, ridiculous choice of weapon. I just hit myself over the head with a plastic bottle. really hurt, not

  • venomex

    I honestly thought vince was gonna pick luke and austin picked andy…and then they would have a feud where they fought each other at capital punishment for the contract. would have been better…poor guy’s gonna waste his life on superstars and FCW

  • Sean

    lmao late as f*** mike

  • cheesehandler

    @Mike….your about a day late and a few dollars short but thanks for coming out anyway

  • Mike

    Anyone else notice that the ref in the back who was taking care of Morrison was Nunzio?