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News on the WWE TLC Main Event, John Cena Not Booked, New MVP Video

– Below is MVP’s latest YouTube video which features former WWE star Lance Hoyt breakdancing in Japan:

– After promoting the Triple Threat TLC Match between WWE Champion CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio as a pinfall or submission match, WWE announced on RAW last night that the belt will be hanging above the ring.

It’s worth point out that John Cena is still not booked for a TLC pay-per-view match. Cena has wrestled in 11 out of 12 WWE pay-per-view main events this year.

  • V-R-A


    Hey Tom, I’m not sounding like I dick. I probably should of elaborated more. Am I happy that Cena isn’t in the Main Event for a PPV? Yes, I’m thrilled its different, its change, it has value of shock if something was to happen with the title. Am I happy he’s going through some personal problems? Why would I be? I don’t know Cena outside the ring. I don’t know if he beats his wife, cheats on her, or whatever he does. Do I hope he gets through it and is able to get back at doing what he loves? Sure. I hope he gets his personal affairs in order and he’s able to be happy again. I even hope my enemies in the real world are doing well and getting through their problems. Even tho I’m sure they don’t wish the same onto me. I’m happy Cena is able to put himself before the fans and take care of what he needs to take care of like a man. Did I plan on purchasing this PPV? Nah, I don’t buy ppv’s anymore, too busy to sit home and watch I come onto these forums and read about what happening. Will I buy Wrestlemania this year? If Y2J/CM Punk are going for the title I will. But Cena/Rock, not really interested. But for this PPV I really really hope Ryder wins the US Title…Woo Woo Woo…You know it!

  • Bill

    Wait, Cena’s problems are real? I thought it was just a work because of The Rock, Piper’s Pit, etc. If he has a real problem, then as cheesy as this sounds, he just needs to rise above hate.

    Still, CM Punk for life.

  • I didn’t see booker t in that video.

  • W.cares

    Surely Kane vs Cena and Kane flat out destroys Cena putting him “on the shelf indefinitely”. Cena given some time away from the WWE to sort himself out, give the young guys a chance to impress. Everyone wins to a degree.

    Lets hope Cena can get through his problems. Whatever your opinion of him as a “wrestler” he does his bit for the WWE.

  • adam

    I think he has some family stuff he is going threw other wise he would not not be on a PPV. Unless he has a match with kane and it is announced last minute which would be a good match kane’s new look is bad ass if you guys havent scene it

  • That Guy

    I think what V-R-A means is that he’s happy not to see Cena in the main event, not to be happy that he’s having a some issues outside the ring. I for one is glad that Cena isn’t wrestling, NOT to say I want the guy to have bad things happen to him. Glad to see hes able to put himself before the fans and take care of his personal issues. Cuz that is what its all about ourselves, we can always put others in front of us when were in the spotlight but sometimes you really have to make the hard choice and take care of your own personal issues.

  • Tom

    Ya, its a Christmas Miracle that the man is going through issues outside of the wrestling world that’s obviously made it so he has to miss this PPV. You’re an idiot if you take pleasure in Cena’s misfortune just so he isn’t on a PPV you probably didn’t plan on purchasing anyways. Its fans like this that make it so dangerous for these performers…can’t separate the person in the ring from the person outside of it. I’m sure Cena doesn’t sit at home thinking “yes V-R-A had a bad day today, its a Miracle!!!”

  • V-R-A

    John Cena not in a Main Event?! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    its obvious his personal issues are keeping him off the ppv. Unless he faces Kane is announced.

  • Slapnuts

    So how can it be a pinfall/submission match if you have to grab the belt? Are you saying it was changed?

    Cena should be off the show, or at the most have a match against Kane or something.