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Newspaper Writer Blasts WWE and John Cena, Says They Are Not Welcome In Saudia Arabia

– Emirates 24/7 has published an article with Saudi newspaper columnist Khaled Al Suleiman blasting John Cena and WWE ahead of their debut in the country this February. Al Suleiman wrote:

“John Cena… you are not welcome here… a few years ago I could have said you are welcome but my bitter experience with my children and their obsession with John Cena have made me loathsome to the idea of his coming… to stop him from coming, I am even ready to face him in the ring although such an idea is suicidal.”

“Over the past years, my home has been turned into a wrestling ring where human bodies fly around and pillows are thrown all over as screams do not stop as if my home became Madison Square in New York… during those years, the shelves, walls and drawers in my home have been filled with pictures of wrestlers and their frightening bodies… now they are coming to control our minds at our home… you are not welcome… what we, adults and children, need is not a wrestling ring to engage in savage and horrifying fights, but a stage where all the talented compete to demonstrate their human skills and nature not savagery.”

  • Matt Trovato


    Also that’s cool how a columnist at a newspaper can decide who is and isn’t allowed in that country.

  • jedi

    Sounds to me like a pathetic excuse for a man/father who has no discipline over his children & has the television raise his children! Oh I know my children don’t listen to me so I will blame someone on television! I’m just guessing bit I’m sure there is a resin his kids look up to a television personality.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I get the sense that article was written tongue in cheek. Or, perhaps, this was a bad translation. The fact that he let his children watch wrestling shows he’s okay with it. I think he’s just hyping the event. Honestly, I have no clue, though.

  • Solid

    I love how the guy talks about savagery, when the Saudi’s do much more savage things every day in real life.

    Public executions by beheading, crucifixions, stoning, letting the victims family perform an execution via hatchet job. etc etc…

  • alexandsierra

    Well, i worked there for 3 years until last year and I can verify that Cena’s popularity in Saudi Arabia is crazy. Kids are wearing Cenas shirt and sometime vendors asked me if i know the wrestler Cena. Amazing.

  • Demandred


  • CC

    Hardly Cena or WWE’s fault that this muppet cant control his own kids.