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NFL Game Leads to Least Watched RAW of the Year

– Last night’s Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL game on ESPN drew 16.17 million viewers and led to the least-watched WWE RAW of the year with 3.79 million viewers.

This week’s RAW did 3.77 million viewers the first hour, 3.99 million viewers the second hour and a low 3.60 million viewers in the third hour. The full rating isn’t out yet but it should be somewhere between a 2.5 and 2.7.


  • sam mccourt

    @mizisawersome i use social media

  • sam

    maybe its the fact that going to three hours is really hurting the audience, i mean its sorta like watching a PPV every week but not as good

  • mizisawersome

    Yup social media is for fools I dont want to no wen someone takes a shit or get to pick from 3 of the worst tag team names ever team hell no how bout just no

  • dwewa

    I hate to tell WWE that it ain’t the Monday Night Football game that turns people away from Raw it’s the crappy PG product and the overusage of such people like John Cena and too much Social Media stuff.

  • Pig

    Vince!!!! Divorce Linda now and get your show and life back on track!!

  • Jon

    Raw ended at 11 EST and MNF ended like 12 am or so. The last play never effect Raw, people where just watching the game

  • yo its me its me its joe-y d.

    West sideeee!!!


    i’m on the west coast so raw and the game were on at the same time

  • Jon

    Actually Raw ended way before that contervsal call came about. So I think ppl where just watching the game.


    and last nite’s raw ratings has NOTHING to do with cena or raw. it was the most controversial game ending call in NFL history. the other comments seem oblivious to that


    raw will still lie and say next week it was the most watched program from last nite.

  • Deva

    ratings go down because cena for some reason seems to get unlimited title matches no matter if he loses, what if he loses at hell in the cell, he will just walk out on raw and challenge punk at survivor series and they will set it up. Same matches same shit, no one else gets a storyline goin.

  • Effmenow


    Maybe people just didn’t wanna watch RAW. Another biased WWE title.

  • Nick

    When are they gonna understand if they want ratings, to actually entertain the crowd with a real wresrting environment where there is actually real WRESTLERS, not superstars, and they actually WRESTLE 10-15 minute wrestling matches, and every now and then a first blood, or a falls count anywhere kind of match. You want ratings? Well we want Diva Pillow fights, we want swearing, we want a heel change every now and then, we want new matches, we want big storylines, we want WWE. The real WWE, not the “Lets be good for Linda WWE,” not the “8 year olds show,” not the “Cena House WWE.” You want ratings? We want WWE