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Nia Jax doesn’t think it’s the right time to introduce Women’s tag titles

While her recent pairing with Tamina Snuka is probably another preparation for the introduction of Women’s Tag titles, Nia Jax doesn’t think we actually need the championships just yet.

The former Raw Women’s Champion was recently interviewed by SportBible while WWE was touring UK last week where she talked about a number of things.

When asked about the talks of Women’s tag titles, the former Champion said that she is not in favor of introducing the championships just yet:

“You know what, I’m probably going to get some crap for it but I’m not [in favor of introducing tag titles]. I don’t think it’s need [sic] anytime soon personally. Obviously if I were to be put in the tag division I would want Tamina Snuka to be on my side – I just feel like we’d be unstoppable. But I’m not someone that thinks it’s needed yet.”

Nia earned a title shot against Ronda Rousey by winning the Evolution battle royal and she is most likely to face her at the upcoming TLC PPV.

  • CC

    Remember though, the mens division is bigger and has 4 extra titles than the womens.
    Outside the womens titles, the womens division has some of the poorest booking going.
    At least if there was another title for them to challenge for, maybe WWE would not start an angle with the women then quickly forget about it.

  • Darrin Tyler

    With all the woman they have now she thinks its the wrong time?…not to mention she is now part of a tag team power house…is she daft?

  • Mike the Ike

    As much as I hate to say it, WWE needs to bring back Heat and Velocity. Put the men’s tag and women’s title on those shows and the women’s tag, US/IC, and Universal/WW title on Raw and Smackdown. If WWE committed to that, it would draw ratings for those shows and stop them from turning into what Main Event turned into.

  • Raidertre

    In all fairness, the men’s tag division is weak as it is. I can see the women’s tag title being hot for a couple months and then treated like all the other secondary belts. Maybe she’s looking at the big picture.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Of course she doesn’t, she has a title shot coming up. Plus, if there were tag belts, that would give WWE a reason to move her away from the Raw title.

  • CC

    So most of the female wrestlers who have been asked are all for it, and Jax isn’t.
    Strange that someone who is supposed to be all about empowerment is not into something that could actually strengthen the womens division.