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Nia Jax speaks out after injuring Becky Lynch on RAW

Becky Lynch was pulled out of her highly anticipated clash against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series owing to injury she suffered at the hands of Nia Jax.

The former RAW Women’s Champion unleashed a vicious right hand that busted open Lynch. After further diagnosis, Lynch was pulled from the upcoming event due to a concussion and a broken face.

Jax broke the silence after being criticized by fans through a Twitter post that said:

 “Hey…we don’t deliver mail, things happen. Is anyone gonna ask me about how my fist feels?”

Check out the tweet below:

Nia Jax reportedly has a lot of backstage heat over the incident which forced the WWE to change plans by bringing in Charlotte Flair to face the RAW Women’s Champion at the pay-per-view.

  • CC

    She obviously thinks I am a heel so I have to get heel heat.
    What she does not realise is she is not gonna get heel heat, she is gonna get out and out X Pac heat.

  • I had some respect for Nia after seeing how far she has come within WWE after NXT. However, she has lost all of it with me now. Regardless if you’re a heel or face and a decent human being, the classy thing to do in this situation is to be remorseful and still carry your dignity. Put over the other talent. Be upset that you ruined a moment for them and be there for the person when they need you. Not to be selfish.

  • CC

    Does she think that now she is a heel it is ok to post stuff like that?
    How about accept the fact that you just not only ruined what was for many the most anticipated match at Survivor series (the only one with any genuine build), but also gave another wrestler a concussion, which is one of the worst things you can do other than actually crippling them.
    Peoples careers are cut short by concussions for god sake.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Feels like her comment, was extremely ignorant.

  • BB

    I always thought maybe Nia was just sloppy but this just proves that not only is she sloppy but she’s careless and wreckless. After this post I hope everyone is giving her the gears backstage. What an idiot she is for posting that.

  • I love this comment, it made my day

  • Dirt McGirt

    How your fist feels? Are you kidding me? When you are in a head on collision and one person is bleeding out with pieces of the windshield stuck in them and the other person is just walking around rubbing their neck, I’m not giving the first damn about the person rubbing their neck. Nia’s comments were disgusting and just shows what a terrible human being she is. Hope you get diabetes, Nia, you reckless cow.