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Nicholson Challenges Angle, Steiner Comments on TNA Lockdown, Godderz Updates

– Scott Steiner wrote the following on Twitter about the TNA Lockdown attendance:

“The ppv on sunday had a crowd of 2,500-3,000 that had alot of freebies,considering that TNA is Based out of Nashville that is really bad,along with the horrible rating on thursday, Hogan bitchoff n pritchard are going to sink Tna,both bitchoffs got zero reaction during their entrances”

– TNA developmental talent and former reality TV star Jessie Godderz won the OVW Tag Team Titles this past week with partner Rudy Switchblade. Godderz is featured in the new issues of Planet Muscle and Exercise & Health magazines.

– Independent wrestler Devon Nicholson, who is currently suing WWE for discrimination, is upset with Kurt Angle and has issued a challenge. Below is what he wrote and his video:

“I am a former National Freestyle Wrestling Champion, National Team Trial Winner, Canadian Open Winner in Grappling and am currently the alternate for Canada in Greco Roman Wrestling. I have defeated all of the wrestlers how places in the top 4 in the Canadian CIS University Championships in 2011 (I am not in University so I could not compete in those.)

I was also a pro wrestler for 10 years. 1996 US Olympic Champion Kurt Angle has recently made a mockery out of amateur wrestling. He went on TV to news sources all over the world saying he was back in training and would be competing in the US Olympic trials and would at least make an alternate. This took press away from the US amateur athletes who really are competing in the trials and taking it serious. After a year build up last week Angle said he was pulling out due to a partially torn MCL that wont need surgery yet he still wrestled professionally last night in a big match on TNA Wrestling’s Lockdown PPV.

Kurt Angle has greatly offended me. He has made a mockery of amateur wrestling and has made pro wrestlers look like wimps I am sick of this guy running his mouth, not taking amateur wrestling seriously and making pro wrestlers look like they have it easy. I am challenging him to a real match. I have faced Canadian Olympic Champion Daniel Igali in my last year of high school and held my own but I wans’t angry at him and I am also much more technical now so he will not have it easy if he’s man enough to agree. After supposedly training for a year he should be willing to accept one match.

On a side note I fully tore my MCL at a tournament in early November but still kept training and competing. I will not get surgery until I 100% know I won’t be going to the London games as an alternate. It is not a totally debilitating. Angle had an extremely serious next injury before the Atlanta games but still pulled though. That was highly inspirational. Now he’s showing that he doesn’t have hart or respect anymore.”

  • Reverse prince albert

    Still want to see Nicholson vs. Angle

  • marclerouxxx

    This dude puts the “It’s real to me damnit” guy to shame lol Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence is WWE trademark not words from a fucking god or a prophet lol Quit worshiping WWE books and move on with your life Nicholson. We know they blend the line between reality and entertainment but c’mon. This guy is either trying to land a deal with TNA and g et himself noticed or he flat out thinks Kurt Angle the prowrestler is the same as Kurt Angle the human being lol

  • Jon-Jon

    Isn’t this the guy that has been bitching about not getting a WWE contract because he has Hep C? He KNEW Abdullah The Butcher had Hep C, and he still wrestled countless bloody matches with him, and now he’s saying WWE is discriminating against him for protexting their talents? He’s also saying that Kurt is wrestling in a fake sport? A sport that Nicholson HIMSELF is suing for not allowing him to be a part of it? Wtf.. What a bitch..

  • Ron Damon

    Sweet Jesus, it’s Kurt Angle’s evil twin!

  • ant

    @Nicholas..Kurt angle would crack this guys skull open i gurantee this guy cant outwrestle kurt on his worst day and i dont care how many drugs or alcohol hes on hes still the best period point blank

  • Jason L

    @ Pig

    Not W-E but rather Middleton not spell checking after cutting and pasting as usual.

  • Nicholas

    Well if Kurt Angle so great than he should have no problem expecting the challenge. All Kurt Angle has been reduce to is calling people out of the internet. It time for Kurt to step up to the plate. Hey I like Kurt Angle but hate what he has become a shell of his former self.

  • Pig

    Damn W-E….spell check!

  • Reverse prince albert

    I like this guy… he is intense he has a few good points to. would have benifited TNA alot more if he didn’t quit, sore Knee… boo hoo

  • Eve’s left Nipple

    This Nicholson guy may have continued training with a torn MCL but remember Kurt Angle is a 40+ year old banged up former amateur and current Proffesional wrestler. There is a huge difference. Angles body isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago…Hell hes in worse shape than he was 5-6 years ago when he said the WWE schedule was destroying his body.