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In a recent interview, Nick Diaz was asked about moving up in weight class and he took the opportunity to speak on the much debated and talked about Mayhem Miller situation:

“I’d be happy to move up [to 185]. I’d just like to be paid for it. I don’t like how people say that I didn’t accept the fight with Miller because I was too small. I never said anything about that. I said if I’m going to go off track — it’s going to screw with my whole season, it’s going to screw with my whole year, it’s gonna screw with my capabilities fighting at 170 pounds. So if I’m gonna do that, I’d like to get paid in full. I would like to have a reason for doing that. Not just doing it at everybody elses convenience…I would like to get paid something, you know, extra. Double, triple, something crazy for me to do something spectacular to go up in weight at fight at that weight.

“I’d rather move down, before I’d move up. So if you want me to move into a different weight class, let me move down if you’re not gonna pay me more money for it. If I’m not going to be getting anything for it, I might as well be moving down instead up.

“[Moving up] is more work. It’s twice as much work. I never didn’t want to sign for that fight with Miller. They were talking about making me move weight. I said, tell his ass to fucking get in shape and make weight like I do. It’s fucking hard enough for me to make 170 pounds. You know what I mean? He acts like he wouldn’t be able to do it. He doesn’t want to work hard like me. That’s the problem. So he can work his ass off and make 175, 170 pounds…or somebody can pay me a couple fucking million dollars and I’ll move up to 185 pounds and fight him.

“…That motherfucker doesn’t want to fight me. Talking about he wants to fight me every chance he gets. He fucking told the media. I’ll fight at any weight. I’ll fight at 185 pounds. I’d like to get paid. Pacquiao’s making 40 fucking million dollars. GSP’s making a couple million dollars. I’m over here driving a fucking Honda because my shit’s breaking down. Fuck all you motherfuckers.

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