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Nick’s Quick Wits-Do They Even Try Anymore?

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Something I’ve been wondering lately is whether or not the WWE even tries to put on an exciting program anymore. It seems like they are just going through the motions and doing things just for the sake of doing things. Now, that can work out for the best, but more often than not, it doesn’t.

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I’ll start with what’s supposed to be the most important story, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now, it’s unfortunate that Seth Rollins was injured had to give up the title, WWE had no control over that, what they did have control over was what to do with the title. They decided on a tournament for Survivor Series. It was hard to get emotionally invested in this tournament because it was obvious Roman Reigns was going to win. WWE did a shocking, yet probably predicted by many fans, turn of events after Reign’s title win by having Sheamus cash-in and take the title. Excitement for this feud is minimal. Sheamus has looked pathetic against Reigns ever since he won the title, he was even pinned clean by the challenger in a tag match on Raw, as well as being laid out by him to close the show. How is Sheamus supposed to be taken seriously as a champion if he can’ t build any momentum. To add insult to injury, fans left the arena before the main event segment, further proving that they have little to no interest in this feud. It doesn’t matter who wins, hardly anybody is going to care. With WrestleMania coming up in a few months, the WWE title better become a much more interesting storyline or it can’t be featured anywhere near the main event of the show of shows.


The Divas Championship story isn’t much better. The current champion is Charlotte and her feud with Paige had potential, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, the focus has changed to Charlotte becoming more like her father. That is obviously setting up for a big heel turn for Charlotte, but it makes no sense to turn heel while feuding with another heel. Then again, is Paige still a heel? She’s had more face/heel turns than Big Show so who really knows anymore. I’m guessing whoever wins this feud will be match up against Sasha Banks at WrestleMania for the Divas Championship, and if done right, would be interesting build-up, but the build-up to the build-up needs to be worth watching as well.

The mid and lower cards are just a huge mess. Matches are thrown together with little to no build, and are repeated on almost a weekly basis. Raw is a three hour show, and all three hours need to have meaning. Meaningless matches serve no purpose and bore the audience. A bored audience is most likely the reason live event attendance is down and ratings are reaching record-lows. Yet, despite this, WWE feels they can sell-out the over 100,000 seats at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. I don’t see that happening with product interest the way it it now.

I don’t want to sound bitter, I really don’t, but the WWE is just going through the motions right now and creating a severe lack of interest. Ratings are showing that only the true loyal fans are watching, and if they’re not careful, they could lose that fan-base as well. Do I see that happening? Not likely because loyalist are loyal in even the toughest times, but it’s still not completely out of the question. WWE can improve, and I hope it does sooner rather than later, but WWE has to want to improve, and at this point, I’m not convinced they want to.

Until next time, go though the motions and find enjoyment,