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Nick’s Quick Wits-The Legacy Of The Undertaker

Many WWE superstars have something that can be called their legacy, such as Flair’s record number of title wins, but perhaps the most unique, is The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

When he had is first Mania match at Wrestlemania 7, I don’t think anybody would say that he would still be wrestling come Wrestlemania 30, let alone be fighting for the chance to go 22-0. The streak is something special and will never be duplicated. Every year we witness a great match that only adds to that legacy.

The reason The Undertaker keeps coming back for Wrestlemania every year is because the streak makes money. Casual fans will tune in to see The Undertaker, and he only faces big names opponents, making the match a huge deal. The Undertaker never had what you would call a dominate or memorable run with the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships, so he will be remembered for being undefeated at Wrestlemania.

This year, at Wrestlemania 30, The Undertaker is facing Brock Lesnar. This could be an interesting build-up because The Undertaker has never defeated Brock Lesnar in any of their previous encounters, and they also had a run-in at a UFC event years ago that could be brought up. Is their legit heat between the two? I doubt it because It’s been said that Undertaker had picks his opponent, and I don’t believe he would choose someone whom he has a beef with.


With those elements, it should be another memorable Wrestlemania match for The Undertaker. Will he win, I say so. I don’t believe the streak should end, mainly because it’s what Taker’s legacy is, and what he’ll be remembered most for. Honestly, at this point, there’s no reason for it to end. Nobody will benefit from ending the streak and as long as he wants, The Undertaker will continue to come back for Wrestlemania and give the fans more memories.

Until next time, don’t get defeated and ruin your legacy,