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Nick’s Quick Wits – Let It All Sink In

To say this was an emotional week to be a wrestling fan is an understatement. With the ending of The Undertaker’s streak, to Bryan’s title win, to the unexpected passing of The Ultimate Warrior, it was an emotional few days to say the least.

I’ll start with Brock Lesnar’s win against The Undertaker at WrestleMania to end the undefeated streak. A month ago after we returned, I wrote a column that talked about how I felt the undefeated streak should never end and that it should be Undertaker’s legacy. Needless to say, I was shocked beyond belief when Lesnar won. I don’t ever remember a moment that all my years as a fan that left me as stunned and speechless as that one. In a time where predictability is the norm, this was an unexpected moment that got fans talking. The reactions from fans in attendance will be replayed for years to come, and the end of the streak will be a WrestleMania moment that will be talked about forever. The streak was the one constant at WrestleMania, now with it, and most likely Undertaker’s career over, a key piece of Mania is gone. Next year will be unusual if The Undertaker isn’t there, but it’s WWE, they will find a way to fill the void.

Daniel Bryan ended WrestleMania by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the moment that I’m sure at least 99% of fans wanted. With the energy sucked away from them when the streak ended, the crowd needed something to get them back on their feet. The triple threat main event was just that. It was an emotionally charged match and it looked like Orton or Batista was going to win on many occasions. When Bryan made Batista tap out to the Yes Lock, the crowd in New Orleans erupted. All the hard work finally paid off. It’s a story that can motivate somebody into working harder and not stopping until they accomplish their goals. I enjoyed seeing it and was “Yes” ing for a while after Mania ended.

Tuesday night was marred by an unexpected tragedy, the Ultimate Warrior passed away unexpectedly at the age of 54. This was surreal because he was just inducted into the Hall of Fame, and appeared at both WrestleMania and Raw the next night. Only 24 hours later, he’s gone. It’s comforting to know that Warrior made peace of WWE and others he had rifts with over the years, and when you saw him during the last few days of his life, he seemed to be loving life. If there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud, it’s the he went out happy and at peace. A tragedy like this makes you realize to never take anything you have, no matter how much or how little, for granted, because you never know when it can all come to an end.


Until next time, let it all sink in,