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Nick’s Quick Wits-Newsflash…The Fans Make Your Money

As all of us know, the WWE is a company promoted worldwide everyday and continues to expand each year. This is because they are successful. The thing is, today, the WWE has forgotten a key in how they became as successful as they are, the fans.

Giving fans what they want is going to make them happy, forcing them to watch things they don’t is only going to leave them disappointed and more often than not, especially recently, very upset. Take Sunday for example. I had the privilege of attending the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. It was the most hostile crowd I’ve ever been a part of. Daniel Bryan was the crowd favorite by far. His role was the have the best match of the night, however, it was the opening match and he lost. During the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, fans chanted a variety of things, none of them reflecting John Cena or Randy Orton in a positive light. Batista’s return and winning the Royal Rumble Match was supposed to be a huge moment with a great deal of fanfare, but it wasn’t to be. The fans wanted Daniel Bryan, and him not even being in the match left a sour taste in the crowd’s mouths. I’ve never left an event with a crowd as angry and disappointed as that one was.


WWE needs to start taking the crowd hijacking shows, such as the Rumble, seriously. This is because eventually it will catch up to them. Since Summerslam, crowds have never be more disinterested in the product and voicing their opinions against WWE than I have ever seen. There is a high probability that 75,000 or more fans will boo the Batista vs. Orton match if it goes down. That doesn’t make the company look good at all. It’s Wrestlemania XXX, which is supposed to be one of the biggest ever, and if a crowd of unhappy fans, it won’t look good.

WWE is successful because fans pay their hard earned money to see it live, buy their pay-per-view, watch their programs, and purchase various pieces of merchandise. With a growing number of unhappy fans, all those numbers will decrease, eventually hurting the company. Ratings are suffering, attendence is dropping, pay-per-view buyrates are dropping monthy, and crowds are hijacking shows more than ever. None of this reflects WWE positively. As fans, we pay to see what we want, so stop disappointing us.

The bottom line is ,the most important thing to WWE is the fans, if they’re happy, everybody wins, if their not, nothing but problems will arise.

Until next time, pay them money only to be disappointed,