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Nick’s Quick Wits-Signs You’re Addicted To WWE

This time, I’ve decided I’m going to have a little bit of fun, I have discovered the symptoms for WWE addiction and will like to reveal those at this time.

WWE Network 3

You won’t enter a room until somebody hits your music

Monday is your favorite night of the week, and you’ll even skip watching your favorite team on Monday Night Football to watch Raw.

You have the urge to chant “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” or “Woo” at the most importune times.

You say “What?” when somebody pauses while speaking

You take a vacation day at work to watch WrestleMania

The launch of the WWE Network was one of the biggest days of your life

You wear wrestling t-shirts in public places that most people wouldn’t


You actually get offended when somebody calls wrestling “fake”

You feel like part of your soul was ripped out when The Undertaker lost at WrestleMania XXX

You have a wrestler’s theme as your ringtone


Photos of wrestling divas assisted your puberty so to speak

You have written about wrestling on school assignments

You downloaded the WWE App, without Michael Cole’s help

You know the real names of most wrestlers, without looking them up on Wikipedia

You mark out when a wrestler appears in a movie or TV show

You’ve attempted backyard wrestling at least once

You’ve attended more WWE events in your city than you have for the sports team that plays in the arena

You know “Austin 3:16” but not “John 3:16”

You tell people they can’t see you, even though they can

You’ve sang a wrestler theme during karaoke

You remember past dates solely based on a wrestling moment that took place on that date

You name your pet after a wrestler

You think you know more about the business than the actual people involved in it

You actually know what TNA is and that it will never come close to being on WWE’s level

You tweet to wrestlers on a daily basis

The majority of websites you visit are wrestling related

You write opinions articles on a wrestling website and have it on your resume as writing experience

You wrote or read this entire list

Until next time, don’t fight the addiction, just live with it because were can’t cure it.

  • Van Wilhoite

    I have one to add to that. After you walk out to the street to check your mail, you walk backwards up your driveway while taunting your across the street neighbor.