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Nick’s Quick Wits-The Time Is Now?

Today I’m going to reflect on something that many fans have wanted to see for a long time, a John Cena heel turn. Looking at his current feud with Bray Wyatt, I believe it would make sense to turn Cena heel at the end of this feud. Here’s the reasons why.

John Cena

I don’t know where John moves on to next. There’s not much for him to do. He could go back into the WWE title picture, but that’s the last thing most fans want at this point. It’s possible he could feud with Big E as it’s rumored he’s interested in doing, but I don’t think Big E is at that level yet. He could start a program with Cesaro. They had a great match on Raw a few months ago and WWE seems high on him. It’s just the fact that there’s not much he can do that wouldn’t seem stale at this point.  A long overdue heel turn would do wonders for Cena. When Hulk Hogan turned heel in 1996, it was the right time. He was stale as a face and fans were tired of his act and booing him when he was supposed to be cheered, similar to how Cena has been by many fans for years. The Hogan heel turn changed the course of history and not only freshened up his character, but created the nWo, one of the biggest heel factions in wrestling history. Hogan’s character was fresh again and WCW saw the most success it ever had. Cena turning now would be similar.


The current feud with Bray is testing Cena’s character in ways that no other has. Bray first challenged John’s legacy in the build-up to WrestleMania, stating that Cena was fake and everything he promoted was a lie. Cena won that match, but the battle continued. An app vote that decided Cena would face all three members of the Wyatt family on an episode of Raw seemingly showed that fans were against Cena more than ever. The next week Bray led a choir of children to sing “He’s got the whole world in his hands” to Cena, which left him speechless. Kids are the majority of John Cena’s fanbase, and it affected him. The crowd cheering a character like Bray over Cena, storyline wise, could finally make him crack. A person can only take so much. Cena could lose the match to Bray at Payback, come out the next night on Raw, say he needs to take some time to reflect on things and take a break for a while. He could then return months later and do something like helping out Daniel Bryan, who has returned of injury and just regained the title. Then, he attacks violently attacks Bryan, enraging the Yes Movement and shocking the WWE Universe. Cena could say, “All of you turned against me and I’ve laughed it off long enough, this is what you really wanted, so know you’ve got it.”  This finally leads to a heel Cena vs. Bryan in a feud. I know I said earlier that Cena feuding for the title was stale, but that was as a face, as a heel it would work. A fan favorite Bryan vs. a heel Cena would be a huge program.

Don’t count on any of this happening though, it’s just wishful thinking, but an interesting potential scenario. We all know WWE will never turn Cena heel.

Until next time, change and freshen up, or stay stale and content,

  • Keith Learmonth

    Conversely, they also shouldn’t be relying on any one guy to be the top merchandise mover for this long.

    Cena only sells the most because:
    1: He has the most
    2: He’s the most visible WWE superstar who’s still active.
    3: WWE hasn’t really given someone else a solid chance to take his place. Everyone who has been booked as a “Top guy” has pretty much been booked as “He’s the top guy, except for Cena”.

    From a Business standpoint, Turning Cena will force them to find a new, younger talent to push into being the top merch guy, and they -need- to do that, because Cena’s getting older, and has a laundry list of injuries piled up. He can’t do this at this level for too much longer.

  • Rodpop

    WWE can’t loose the revenue from merchandise from his biggest babyface by turning him into a heel, no company would do that in their right mind, unless heels do sale more than babyfaces (like in the attitude era), to a fanbase of children, a heel turn will not happen.