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Nick’s Quick Wits-Will The Rise Lead To The Fall?


Roman Reigns 2

Ever since the split of the Shield two months ago, each member has been pushed. Rollins currently holds the Money In The Bank briefcase as is feuding with Ambrose who is incredibly over. At the same time, the one who’s rumored to receive the biggest push is Roman Reigns. It’s been speculated that he will go on to win the next royal rumble and then win the title at WrestleMania. The biggest question that needs to be answered here, that not many people seem to be thinking about is, Will the rise of the Roman Empire be the downfall of the Yes Movement? Let me explain.

It was revealed just over a month after Daniel Bryan finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXX that he needed neck surgery. This led to him being stripped of the title. I’m pretty sure he was set to hold it until SummerSlam this Sunday where he would do what Cena is most likely going to do, drop the belt to Brock Lesnar. That would have given him a solid four month reign. Bryan deserves a legit run with the title, not a shortened one that never really got the chance to develop. With Reign’s rumored mega-push more or less set in stone, the odds of Bryan getting the title back don’t look to good.

WWE seems to be set on their plan for Reigns, he will face Orton at SummerSlam, likely going over and moving on to a higher level feud with Triple H at some point after that. Then moving on to eventually winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.  I don’t have a problem with that, I believe Reigns has potential, but the situation that needs to be addressed here is Daniel Bryan’s return.  I read recently that he may not return until the Royal Rumble.  Now, if he returns in the Rumble match itself, he’ll obviously be the crowd favorite to win.  If he’s eliminated and Reigns win, there’s a chance the crowd may turn on him, similar to what happened with Batista this past rumble.  WWE will have to consider that possibility, if that happens and the crowd turns on Reigns because they feel Bryan was screwed again, the plan for Reigns big moment will have been ruined.


Of course, this pure speculation at this point.  Plans can change between now and then.  As a fan, I would love to see Bryan have a legitimate run with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  I fear that with the plans for Roman Reign’s megapush already taking shape, that Bryan will never hold the big belts again.  They could always have Bryan and Reigns feud somewhere down the road, but fans may not want to wait for another Bryan title run, they’ll want it as soon as he comes back, based on the fact he was never defeated for the title, and upon returning, will most likely still be the most over superstar on the roster.  Will the rise of the roman empire be the downfall of the yes movement?  I hope not, but it’s definately a possibility.