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Nick’s Quick Wits-If You’re Not Main Event Level, You Don’t Matter

Something that I have realized watching recent WWE and looking at how the WrestleMania card was set up, I’ve realized WWE only focuses on the main event and main event level talent. Everyone else gets lost in the shuffle. I’m saying this looking back at previous eras and comparing them to now.

Above is an image of a WWE roster. ┬áMost of those superstars and divas are just put on the show with no direction and what they do doesn’t have much purpose. ┬áBack in the attitude era, every match had a purpose. Storylines were developed for the main event, mid-card, and even opening matches. There were over superstars and great matches coming from all levels. That’s one of the reason that era was as successful as it was. This also caused the crowd to be on the edge of their seats the whole show. Today, that’s not the case, here’s why. WWE only focuses on the main event.

I’ll give you an example, the WrestleMania card. The Royal Rumble is the beginning of the road to WrestleMania. The winner of the Royal Rumble faces the champion at WrestleMania in the main event. That match has a two month build. This year was unique because the company wanted one thing, and the fans wanted another. There we have a triple threat match. That makes sense because it’s promoted as the match fans want to see. They want to see Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, which as been heavily promoted. This is a significant match because the winner will be added to the Batista vs. Randy Orton match. The Undertaker is defending the streak against Brock Lesnar in another main event. It’s a big deal because it’s Taker only match of the year. John Cena is facing Bray Wyatt in the upper mid-card main event. It’s an attempt to elevate Bray, and gives Cena something to do outside of the title picture.

The thing is, the rest of the card is just seemingly thrown together. The Andre The Giant battle royal, while a good idea and something that’s never been done before, also shows that there is little to no direction in the mid-card, with all these guys just thrown in the match with nothing else going on for them. The Shield vs. Kane and the Outlaws was just put together because they needed a match on the card for those participants, Same thing for the Divas match, it’s just a reason to get all of them on the card. The tag title match was thrown together and bumped to the kickoff-show. The focus will be on the main level matches, and while that is what should happen, you can’t ignore the rest of the card. Those guys work as hard as the main eventers, make the audience care about them as well.

Until next time, focus on everything, just the the main points,