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Nick’s Quick Wits-Remember In WWE When?

For this column, I going to look back at a few situations that have happened in WWE, some that people may remember, some that not many will, and some that had potential that went absolutely nowhere.

Remember in WWE when-AJ Lee was the general manager of Raw? This started on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw and only lasted three months. The storyline that led to her dismissal was an alleged affair with John Cena. Eventually, AJ sided with Dolph Ziggler and now is the current Divas champion. Not many references to her run as GM are mentioned, but she has brought a sense of credibility back to the Divas Championship.

Remember in WWE when-Drew McIntyre was the chosen one? In 2009, McIntyre debuted on Smackdown and was pushed hard from the beginning as the next big superstar. He had an impressive first six months, going undefeated, but never got over as WWE hoped he would. Today, he is one third of 3MB, which is more or less a group of jobbers. If you watch him today, and then watch re-watch his debut matches, it’s hard to believe it’s the same guy.

Remember in WWE when-Dolph Ziggler was Chavo Guerrero’s caddy? Probably not, because most people are trying to forget the “Kerwin White” gimmick. It’s worth noting though, that Ziggler went from a caddy to a forgotten gimmick, to a former World Heavyweight Champion, how is title run went leaves a lot to be desired, but he went from pretty much nothing to a former World’s Champion.

Remember in WWE when-Batista quit and said WWE would go bankrupt in six months? Well, Batista has been gone for three years and WWE is still in business. Batista has gone on to appear in a couple films and even had an MMA fight last year which he won. Will he ever return? Time will tell, but the WWE shouldn’t be going bankrupt anytime in the near future.

Remember in WWE when-Smackdown was relevant? This was years ago, back during the brand split. Smackdown was a separate roster from Raw, and at times, was the superior show in terms of quality. Now, Smackdown is basically re-matches from Raw, meaning if you miss it, you haven’t really missed anything groundbreaking.

Remember in WWE when-Ryback was super over? This time last year, Ryback was the fastest rising star in WWE, now, he has turned heel, lost momemtum, and is apparently now Heyman’s lacky. It’s a shame how a superstar could have so much momentum and have it ruined. Maybe he’ll recover, but it may be too late.

I’m sure there are many more, but I don’t want to make this article too long-winded. These examples just show you how much things change, for better of worse, in the WWE.

Until next time readers, remember the random things.

  • Hunter

    You have it horribly wrong. The attitude era had a massive buzz waaaay before 2000 – you’re missing some of the biggest moments from it’s era if thats what you’re implying. The Mcmahon/Austin feud, Degeneration X, Mike Tyson, Corporation, Ministry etc. They were all pre Shane Mcmahon buying WcW.

    You tell me to check my history – but you don’t seem to know yours…

    ”Smackdown was entertaining before the forever praised attitude era?” was that a horribly innacurate statement?

  • millerj265

    Really so it didn’t become its own show till after the rock lost the belt, because rock wasn’t champ when it debuted, and he didn’t hold the title till a yr after the show was in existence. And the last time wcw ever beat the wwe in ratings was in October of 1998, the wwe beat them every week there after till they bought them in 01. But yeah, your a wrestling historian, maybe the greatest there ever was.

  • millerj265

    Right. Download the pwtorch app on your phone and listen to the interviews with the well over a dozen ex wwe writers, some of which were there just under 2yrs ago, and dozens of ex employees who worked closely with vince for many yrs, heck jerry lawler was on there podcast just a few months ago, and maybe you’ll learn something about how the inner workings of that company go. Second if you think any of the ppl you mentioned other then the ones who’s names end in McMahon have any real say or power in what goes on in that company, then drugs have nothing to do with that kind of stupidity. Vince runs that house and he answers only to his investors and the high profile sponsors he has, and that’s it. And wwes weak, and predictable, and lots of times illogical storylines are manly caused by one simple fact, there the only game in town. Would it be nice if they went outside the box every once in awhile and tried to shake things up, it would be phenomenal, but he’s not going to take those risks unless there’s a 100% chance they will succeed because he doesn’t have to. And maybe a day will come when they need to shake things up like they did in the attitude era, but only IF he has his back against the wall like he did when WCW was putting him in the ground. But keep living in your bitter I cant let go of the attitude era or whatever era your holding on to fantasy world and blame the state of wrestling on writers or the pg era or whatever else, but the fact is wrestling is what it is, it’ll nvr be what it was in the 80’s because the sense of wrestling is real is lost forever. And it’ll nvr be like the attitude era because they wont ever be pushed to that extreme again because there THE only wrestling game in town as far as the main stream world knows. Writers, agents, wrestlers with pull, whatever you wanna blame the current state of wrestling on because you don’t wanna except that this is as good as wrestling will be for a long, long time (and im not saying your wrong in not wanting to except it) is just na├»ve and stupid because Vince above anyone else steers that ship in whatever direction its currently going in, he is the one who hired the crappy writers in the first place and allows them to bring down his shows with there terrible storylines and lack of wrestling knowledge if that fact has somehow escaped you. So believe what you want and blame the wwes stale predictable product on what you’d like, but to think that anyone other then Vince is controlling what is being filmed in his rings and broadcast threw your tv screen is beyond idiotic

  • God of Entertainment

    Dude let me shed some light to u. There’s a board of directors in the WWE that makes every company decision. That board doesn’t even include Stephanie anymore cause she’s pretty much sold her portion to become a full time mother. This storyline has u believing too much in the fantasy instead of the reality. Now the members that I know of that are in the board of directors (long terminology for writers) is Michael Hayes, Dusty Rhodes, Vince McMahon (of course), & Jean Paul Lesquense (however u spell his last name but HHH.) Other garbage that u hear about WWE writers is blasphemous. They have writers who shared ideas but most of them are sent through a process. The board of directors choose which story to protray and give it their own twist, making them look like the creators. If u think Vince, Stephanie and Jean make the storylines up then u are smoking way better than I am buddy. Their writers are just garbage and they can’t seem to make better twists to the stories written so they’re going strictly by the script. That’s why their best lead mans quote is yes! Not the best there is,the best there was and the best there ever will be, not say ur prayers and eat ur vitamins, not know your role and shut ur mouth! But yes…writers are lost cause they aren’t original anymore. They hire soap opera writers to WWE now and it’s completely changed wrestling for the worse instead of the better…

  • God of Entertainment

    Even though the attitude era started in 1997, it struggled at first. SmackDown started as the Rocks show, even being titled by his slogan “SmackDown: Know your role” but after he lost the belt then it officially became its own show. The attitude era didn’t catch a BIG buzz til around the same time that WCW was about to be bought by Shane McMahon. Check your history, WWE won the war but only because WCW was losing power quickly. Not because the attitude era took over, it was a work in progress that didn’t even last long because a man named John Cena forever changed wrestling in 2004…I’ve been watching wrestling since i was born in 85 when the company first began the big shows and pay per views. Trust me, I know my history.

  • millerj265

    You do realize the writers have little say and all they can do is come up with ideas and Vince picks the ones he likes, which means the writers probably give up on trying to come up with good original stuff after awhile and just write crap they know Vince will like or at least consider. The writers are basically there for Vince to bounce ideas off of or to work out some smaller details in storylines but for the most part its all Vince, steph, and hunter. If all three of them weren’t so busy with the million other things there company now does and they had the time to sit-down and focus 2 or 3 days worth of there time and efforts to building and furthering storylines they wouldn’t even have writers and the product would be much better for it, but they don’t have that kind of time hence the writers who aren’t allowed to contribute much but who contribute just enough to help the McMahons manage the load.

  • Hunter

    What are you talking about? Smackdown started during the Attitude Era to gain maximum exposure for the company when it was becoming ever popular. It was never the Rock’s show in which ”others wrestled on it”. It was set up to compete with WcW Thunder – hence similarities in set color’s etc…

  • Iosos Rezorek


  • Omar

    I liked the article. It was short, simple and to the point. Something different than the usual opinion pieces.

  • God of Entertainment

    Very poor writing, first of all, the divas title is still irrelevant. A.J. Lee is pretty much stalling for the next champion like a former diva who left TNA recently. Second, the fall of McIntyre is probably the worse move that WWE has made in it’s existence other than never placing the WWE belt on Curt Henning. The Intercontinental title hasn’t been the same since McIntyre lost it during his reign which was similar to Ortons beginning in the WWE. Would he become Orton like? I doubt it but there’s a possibility if they would’ve stuck to the script. As far as that Batista storyline goes, be careful cause WWE isnt gaining money as of right now either or else Stephanie would hold on to her stocks instead of selling them like hot cakes lol! WWE completely screwed up with the roster split up! I called this issue back in 2003 when it became 2 different brands that it wouldn’t last past 10 years. Unfortunately all my friends from back then probably wouldn’t remember or purposely forgot so that they wouldn’t have to be wrong lol! First of all, to run that type of programs requires a HUGE roster! One too expensive for Mr. McMahon to uphold for over 10 years. To the writer of the article, do u remember when Smackdown was entertaining before the forever praised attitude era? I bet u don’t, when it was pretty much the Rocks show and others just wrestled on it. Stone Cold ran Raw during that time in 1999. WWE is actually in a better position now but don’t have sufficient writers to capitalize on the joint roster being reestablished and all talents are displayed on a regular basis. For anyone who thought Ryback would be special is as dumb as his current storyline! That’s why fans chant Goldberg STILL everytime he wrestles. The WWE made another mistake by giving someone who looked and was built similar to Goldberg an undefeated streak = fail! It’s been real but it’s Monday night football time, yes I’m choosing football over wrestling til WWE gets better writers! Peace Lord KGM

  • millerj265

    In my defense of this perhaps overly dickish comment, when I posted it the column wasn’t there, it was just a blank page even after 2 or 3 refreshes. So the joke kinda doesn’t work now that the problem has been fixed.

  • millerj265

    This is without any doubt the most well written, and in depth column in the history of this website. I was riveted from the first eye catching line, to the very last well thought out and insightful closing paragraph. Move over Stephen king, there’s a new master in storytelling on the horizon, and his name is Nicholas Halavanja!