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Possible Night of Champions Match, Backstage Update on Nash-Punk, More

– With the exception of John Morrison and a few others, there weren’t a lot of people within WWE sad to see Melina go because of the reputation she had developed. The same deal applies for Gail Kim to an extent. Officials felt that Kim speaking out was getting the other Divas riled up.

– A Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly rematch for the Divas Title is expected for September’s Night of Champions pay-per-view from Buffalo, where Phoenix grew up.

– All the younger WWE talents were backstage at RAW watching the segment with CM Punk and Kevin Nash on monitors. Punk is seen as a kind of hero to some of the younger guys because he puts them over and speaks for them since they can’t say what he gets away with saying. Nash is in great shape but with his history of knee operations, he wasn’t walking very well. The feeling is that a CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash match won’t be too pretty.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Matt


    then you make it a fight, not a match, no dq, street fight, whatever…

  • Rob

    @breezy, you said it yourself. Just because he was on MTV’s Real World was the reason why the media was all over him. Big deal, does that make me want to see what he’ll do next on RAW? Hell no. Granted, he is a talented worker who is much better on the mic than most people (I don’t really care about his wrestling ability, he’s doing fine.), but for some reason, I just can’t seem to take him seriously. “WWE got what they wanted out of him so they brushed him to the side,” once again you said it yourself, and to say that they could’ve given CM Punk’s worked shoot to Miz and possibly had the same impact is a load of crap. Miz’s character is too arrogant and cocky and it wouldn’t have made sense for him to shoot on Vince and the WWE. Why would he? He’s living it up! Media appearances, a douchebag color commentator “having a religious experience (JR’s words)” every time he walks out from behind the curtain, reasonable feuds, sure he’s happy with his stance. I’m sure the WWE Title is on his mind, but REALLY? REALLY? Who cares? CM Punk was the perfect candidate for that shoot promo, because it made sense to the evolution of his character. Now, do you honestly think that Del Rio is over enough right now to hold onto the WWE’s most prized possession? I think not. Who is he? That annoying mexican guy with the stupid ring announcer that says it’s his destiny to be the best? Um… why? Because you beat Rey Mysterio a few times? Because you won the Royal Rumble when it was blatantly obvious that it wasn’t your time? Because you wrestled Edge in the first match of WrestleMania 27 and lost? Because nobody knows who you are except for being that annoying guy that says we already know him when we don’t so saying that contradicts everything that you just said and make us want to throw garbage in the ring because you’re a retard? Hell, I’d rather have seen Dolph Ziggler cash in a MITB and won the WWE Championship because at least THAT would’ve been more believable. Hell, it’d probably be more entertaining too. Instead, we get Captain Mexico and Ricardo the Righteous shoved down our throats because that makes sense to the evolution of superstars… (sarcasm) So “REALLY? REALLY?” yourself out of my face because that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.


    Punk = Austin
    HHH = Vinnie Mac

    Punk will feud with HHH the way Austin feuded with Vince. The anti-hero (Punk) who says and does what he wants vs. the “THE MAN” (HHH), who wants him to do and be what HE wants.

  • venom

    Hall and Waltman will probably be dead by the end of the year.

  • Shawn

    If they wanted a ‘best friend’ of Triple H’s to face off against CM Punk, it should have been X-Pac. Obviously everyone would have loved a Shawn Michaels vs CM Punk match, but Michaels is retired. X-Pac is still in decent shape and recently wrestled some matches with Chikara and got rave reviews. He can still go and matches up with Punk’s style much better than Nash. He’s not bad on the mic, either. I guess WWE was too concerned with his past issues with drugs and alcohol and decided they couldn’t trust him to be sober. Hall and Waltman…. such sad stories and wasted careers.

  • Destiny

    CM Mark, what’s the haters’ knock on Cena and Orton? They hold the belt too often and too long, yet you want Punk to hold the belt constantly? Isn’t that the same issue. He’ll get boring really quickly if he never has to lose the belt. I don’t think he was ever going to leave, and you bring up articles and interviews, you know those can be done in character right and aren’t necessarily the real person? Just wanted to clarify that for you.

    He’ll get his chance again, but its the way he had to go about doing it. Anybody else blackmails their boss and they get fired. Sure he said what most people feel, but try doing that at a typical job and see how long you last.

    The point is he needs to have times where he’s not the champ to not come off as boring. If not, he falls into the same category all you haters put Orton and Cena in.

  • venom

    @CM Mark

    WWE probably thinks it’s better to see Punk chase for the belt. Just relax.

  • breezy

    @rob REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? MIZ DIDNT WORK? as soon as he won the belt media was all over it. tv shows all wanyed him to be on their shows . he was really the must sre champion 1st one since john cena when he won the wwe title for his first time. but miz caught more media because he was on mtv real world so it caught more publicity. BUT IT DIDNT WORK RIGHT? REALLY? wwe got what they wanted out of miz so now they brushed him to the side which is dumb if u ask me. miz couldve done what cm punk did in that shoot promo but they didnt wanna lose punk so they gave him the character

  • Rob

    Miz had the WWE title for five months and I still don’t see him as a main eventer yet. What would putting the belt on someone that doesnt deserve it yet prove? It didnt help miz, who wasnt ready imo. It certainly won’t help del rio. Jbl was an exception because he had been with the company a long time so it was due (just making a point with an example) and people never expected bradshaw to ever be champ, but it worked. Del rio won’t work, just like miz didnt work. We all know it should’ve been punk vs cena at wm27, but for some stupid reason they have some guy that nobody knows or cares about win the RR, and we’re stuck with punk/cena on RAW?? BS. I’m glad they fixed that over the summer.

  • scooter

    @CM Mark Punk doesn’t need the belt to stay over however del rio needs to be solidified as a main eventer and a wwe title run will do that. even without the belt punk is the reason a good majority of people will tune into raw every week!

  • breezy

    they should do a storyline where cm punk thinks hhh doesnt know about the actions of kevin nash. then hhh turns on cm punk. cm punk turns to john cena aka superCENA. then cena does the austin heel turn and sides with hhh and vince.

    but I think they will have cm punk turn to john cena and have cena save the day like always.

  • poko

    I don’t actually have a problem with CM Punk not being the champion as long as it means he’s in the lead storyline. Those two things are not necessarily the same. Punk against Triple H and/or the “establishment” is bigger than Cena against Del Rio any day of the week. The championship doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s just generally used to create a focal point.

    My guess is that the WWE was very uncomfortable with the way Cena was getting booed in his feud with Punk. They want to re-establish Cena as the face of the WWE, and that means putting him against someone that generates a lot of heat. Very few people are going to chant for ADR against Cena.

  • JIR

    @josh well in a perfect world Hall would still be Razor Ramon and unicorns would poop gold bars but hey you can’t have everything now can you

  • CM Mark

    I have been patient, year after year. In 2008 I watched Punk get his WHC STOLEN, removed, not even a chance to defend it.

    In 2009 I watched Punk “CARRY” the entire summer, and more or less the year with Hardy.

    In 2010 I watched them job the sh*t out of him.

    Now in 2011 he has to quit, and yes, I believe he was going to quit, listen to his interviews, read the GQ article, just to get a 1 week title reign before they handed it back to Cena, just to job him to Del Rio at SS.

    I appreciate your opinion rick, but I want Punk as champ, and so do most of the other poeple that have been watching him OWN the WWE for the past few months.

    Do I think he’ll get the title back when it suits the WWE? Yes. Do I think he’ll keep it more than a ppv cycle. No, probably not.

  • Devil_Rising

    There was a time when Nash, as Diesel, was one of the best in the business. For a big man, he was crisp, quick, and powerful in the right way. He wasn’t Undertaker, but he was very good. Then he had about 200,000 knee surgeries.

  • josh

    @JIR: Thanks for the laugh. Scott Hall, really? Even if he’s still alive by then, he’ll probably no show it. You really think that he would even pass the wellness requirement. Yes, I know you said dream, but come on Hall isn’t even that good of a wrestler, it would be a botchamania classic. The New Age Outlaws would be more realistic.

    Oh and of course Nash v Punk would blow. Nash would tear his quad within the first 3 big boots he tries.

  • rick

    @cm mark
    If Punk goes into a fued with Triple H, that’s just as big as being world champion. I understand Punk has been misused in the past but I think you just need to be patient. His reign as champ will come.

  • JIR

    I see this going up to Survivor Series with team Punk vs Team Nash
    My dream Punk, Colt Cabana,& Kings of Wrestling vs. Nash, X-pac, Scott Hall, and Triple H

  • CM Mark

    No need to act all high and mighty man. I’m not basing my thoughts on one title run. I’m basing my thoughts on his entire career. He’s always been treated this way, each time he held a world title.

    If you don’t like what I write don’t read it.

  • CM Mark

    *Sorry my last comment was not what I meant to say, here it is revised:*

    CM Punk is a f***ing HERO! I believe that Punk was really leaving. I belive that NONE of this stuff would have ever happened if Punk wasn’t ACTUALLY going to leave. I think everyone behind the scenes knows that Punk found a way to work the system. Even if it’s a one time only thing. I hate you Vince.

  • Once again I am going to respond to a CM Mark comment…part of me wonders why I waste my time. Look – I’m just as upset that Punk is no longer champion as the next guy…but I also understand why it happened. You realize that there is more to this business than just being the champion, right? And you really think Punk will never hold the title again, after he’s proven to Vince that he can create money and put the WWE on new media outlets in a positive way? Punk said it himself – all he wants to do is make this fun again. And if you ask me, he looks like he’s having a hell of a lot of fun.

  • CM Mark

    CM Punk is a f***ing HERO! I believe that Punk was really leaving. I belive that NONE of this stuff would have ever happened if Punk was REALLY going to leave. I think everyone behind the scenes knows that Punk found a way to work the system. Even if it’s a one time only thing. I hate you Vince.

  • CM Mark

    This is just ANOTHER way for Vince to BURY Punk. I hope that contract, if there actually was a contract, was worth it Punk. I think you should have stayed home and milked it out. You’re never going to get a REAL title run in the WWE. It makes me sick.

  • poko

    Nash probably hates the smaller performers because he completely fails at putting them over. He’s great at squashing them, though. Otherwise, at this stage, he only really looks good in slug-fests with larger guys. His lack of mobility really gets exposed against anyone who wants to actually wrestle.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    No Nash matches will ever be pretty, all the guy does is throw knees and elbows.