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Night of Champions Removed From Event Lineup, Austin Working On New Film

— WWE’s upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view event, which was previously listed on the events listing page of, has been removed.

The buy number for last year’s show was down 36.7% from the previous year, from 267,000 buys to 169,000.

Meanwhile, WWE recently issued an online survey asking fans to give their thoughts on the following new pay-per-view titles: WWE Uprising; WWE Vengeance; WWE Champions; WWE Revolution.

— Jim Ross stated on Twitter that Steve Austin is working on a new action/adventure movie. According to Ross, Austin said the script is “great.”

— The FedExForum, the home arena of the Memphis Grizzlies, ran a video of Jerry Lawler cutting a promo prior to their NBA Playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs last night. He said the Grizzlies would pull the strap down on San Antonio, which concluded with his theme song being played. The Grizzlies went on to secure their first home playoff win in franchise history.


  • U ain’t awesome

    @ theviewtvshow,

    If thats true then why why hasn’t any movies austin did make it into theaters? OInly the condemned and 2 other movies that he wasn’t even the main star in, hmmmmm? Sounds like rock is a much better actor then austin in my book. Austin should try different roles rather then the same kinda roles, then maybe, just maybe he would be the same level as the rock.

  • theviewtvshow

    austin is a much better actor then little dwayney

  • Darrell Wright

    They can call the PPV whatever they like. JUST PLEASE! Do not use the ancient PPV name “In Your House”.

    That name was stupid from the beginning.

  • KitKrock

    WWE Uprising; WWE Vengeance; WWE Champions; WWE Revolution.

    1. They already had a ppv called VENGEANCE
    2. They already had a ppv called New Year’s REVOLUTION
    3. They already had a ppv called Night of CHAMPIONS

    So I guess uprising will win.

  • U ain’t awesome

    Another B Movie for austin? Damn he should just give up the acting gig.

  • The King of Kings 69

    as much as i love & support WWE & all but holyshit enough with the damn name changes already like seriously…every year they are changing ppv names just stick with a damn name & thats it end of story yikes

  • venom

    I guess the hampster picked the ball that said Vengeance.

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    HA Ha i rember last year night of champions they had a match that wasnt for a championship because they unifey every title like its nothing. Thank godness their changing it.

  • kpnuttzlol

    The creative team probably think they are genious for coming up with Vengeance.

  • Damien Phoenix

    They wanted to get rid of it because it requires pushing people and having storylines for all the titles. Silly me I thought WWE gave a crap about their roster.

  • Trixie

    Venom: Yep.

    Apparently the people over at WWE don’t

  • PLW

    @ venom

    it sure was called that.

  • venom

    It’s funny because the ppv with all the titles being defended years ago was called Vengeance:Night of the Champions. Does anybody else remember that?

  • nick

    ^ exactlyyyyyyyyyy

  • Lex

    They couldn’t have Night of Champions because it would require the creative team to have to create a storyline for the IC Title to be defended. And we all know that is a impossible task for them.


    its called ‘capital punishment’

  • Starch

    WWE Uprising sounds like it should feature mid-carders getting title shots, or old skool vs new breed talent.

  • M.C.

    So they’re gonna bring back vengeance? Alright!

  • Andrew

    WWE Vengeance? they actually put one of their old PPV names on there? HOLY SHIT! I’m voting Vengeance!