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Nikolai Volkoff On Brock Lesnar Fighting Again, Dean Ambrose appearing On WWE Network Show

– Dean Ambrose will be appearing on Renee Young’s “Unfiltered” WWE Network show next Wednesday. The two stars are a real life couple.

– WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff spoke with Hannibal TV about Brock Lesnar fighting at UFC 200 and more. You can watch the interview here:

– WWE Executive Stephanie McMahon has been named to Ad Week’s “30 Most Powerful Women in Sports” list. They wrote the following on her:

  • Numberoneromanreignsfan

    I am very fully aware and understand and respect that Renee young and dean Ambrose are a real life couple as they claim to be for two people who keep their personal lives private they are doing a bad job ever since dean am rose won the title belt from roman reigns it has made puble all over social media and every wrestling site on line that dean Ambrose and Renee young are a real life couple as they claim to he while that is understandable that is something they need to keep private between then selves as that is their own personal business not something that they should brag over social media a d every wrestling site it is old news and so thing that should be private and separate from wwe what Renee young and dean Ambrose need to understand that is something to keep to themselves it’s going to irritate the wwe fans these wrestling sites are about wrestling news lI’ve events not wrestlers personal relationships that is supposed to be private Renee you g and dean a,broke need to keep their personal lives separate from work and professional lives not pop rag about it over social media it’s old news I don’t dislike them cause I don’t know them
    The point is keep personal lives separate from work and off social media and every wrestling sites that is what Renee you g and dean Ambrose have to understand I for one am tired of hearing about it and I sure the wwe universe will be too I a. A roman reigns fan not a dean Ambrose or a Renee young fan don’t. Get me wrong I don’t dislike them but they need to grow up and keep their personal matters off wrestling sites as those sites are for real a d more I portent wrestling news