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NJPW veteran talks about the difference between NJPW and WWE’s mentalities

Rocky Romero might not be one of the more famous Superstars from NJPW but the current manager of Roppongi 3k is an integral part of the NJPW family. Romero, a veteran of the business, has been pursued by the WWE for his incredible wrestling knowledge in the past but chose to stay with his current employers. In an interview with Orlando Sentinental, Romero briefly reveals why he doesn’t concur with WWE and it’s way with its talent.

Romero said that NJPW is not selfish and does not see eye to eye with WWE when they ask their talent to reach for the “brass ring”. He said that the Japanese mentality for its resources is to use them to help run the ship better. He revealed that he is currently passing this knowledge down to his proteges, Sho and Yoh of the Roppongi 3k.

We’re not about selfishness. It’s different with WWE. They’re telling wrestlers to reach for the brass ring and compete with each other for top spots. The Japanese mentality is to work together to make the ship run better. It’s been instilled in me for a long time and now I’m passing it on to Sho and Yoh [of Roppongi 3K] to guide them, let them learn from mistakes and make them the best.