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Number One Contender Match: Fitch vs. Penn

In statements made Tuesday by Dana White, the future of the welterweight has become a bit clearer. The victor of the highly anticipated B.J. Penn versus Jon Fitch bout will secure the next shot at the title.

The Hawaiian Penn has held both the lightweight and the welterweight championship in his illustrious career. Jon Fitch on the other hand has completely dominated the entire welterweight division save for current champion Georges St. Pierre.

If St. Pierre gets past Jake Shields, and the Anderson Silva bout falls through, we’ll be seeing one of these two warriors once again challenge for the coveted title.

“They’re definitely in the title picture. Either guy that wins that fight, let’s face it, the reality is B.J. Penn has held titles in both weight classes, Fitch has fought for the title and has literally dominated that division for a long time, just couldn’t win the title,” White stated Tuesday. “Either one of these guys that wins this fight is in the mix. They’re the No. 1 guy.”

Like it or not, there’s serious potential for another GSP rematch in 2011.