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Former NXT Diva Scheduled To Debut On SmackDown (Contains Spoiler)

WWE officials have plans to promote numerous developmental wrestlers to the main roster in the ensuing weeks. However, the only talent confirmed to be called up to the main roster at this time is NXT Season 3 contestant Maxine. She is scheduled to debut on the SmackDown brand at tomorrow night’s television tapings in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Maxine, who’s real name is Karlee Leilani Perez, has been in WWE’s developmental system since June 2009. She’s generally utilized in a speaking/managing capacity in Florida Championship Wrestling, as opposed to wrestling. She currently reigns as the General Manager of FCW, and manages Lucky Cannon.

Months ago, WWE planned to cut ties with a number of main roster performers after Wrestlemania, then calling up developmental talents to fill the undercard of the main rosters, with the idea that they could cut costs by using lower priced talent. There were rumblings late last week that the process would be starting shortly.

  • CC

    Cause Kaitlyn cant wrestle for shit. Even the worst diva on the main roster looks like Bret Hart compared to Kaitlyn.

    Its like the tag team title shot that Curtis was sposed to get, and hasnt been seen since he won NXT.

  • Dave

    Didn’t Kaitlyn win NXT Series 3. So why is she not on telly regularly yet, when the losers appear to be getting their chances now?

  • scooter

    why the fuck isn’t it aj? you know the one who can actually wrestle oh wait just answered my own question

  • Zack Ryder needs to get pushed to the moon! Dude has the “IT” factor. He needs to be on Raw every week. Woo Woo Woo. You Know It!

  • Stephen

    Zack ryder sucks

  • JIR

    I am with you Zidano if Ryder leaves we RIOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • venom

    Yea, you’re right. Santino won’t get released because he did have a match at Wrestlemania. I think Drew still has a bright future in WWE.

  • nick

    drew and santino wont get released… zack ryder maybeee

  • Rucdogg

    Damn that sounded like the real JBL!

  • bloodstone

    @Steve really i would bet money drew the snooze will be gone so i guess that make’s me a moron we will see

  • JBL

    dude what else zack ryder done that is awesome besides kssing ass he is a loser he has is own show so does scott hall nuff said. zack ryder
    is nothing more then a jobber who begs fans to like him i hope he does get let go we roit stop trying to be ecw’s one night stand fan

  • RAW GM

    Zack is safe. He is starting to become a fan favorite and Vince, along with management, has to take notice. He’s got the attention of Cena and Miz already.

  • Steve

    Bill is a moron. No chance they release McIntyre. Just because someone appears on Superstars, doesn’t mean they’re trash. Give me a break!

  • I never really did see anything special in Maxine.

  • Zidano666

    If Ryder gets released we RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • venom


    Don’t forget about Santino, David Hart Smith, Rosa Mendez, and The Usos.

  • Bill

    So long Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Tyler Reks, Vladamir Kozlove, & possibly Drew McIntyre.