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Several NXT Stars being moved to the main roster soon

It appears that a number of NXT Stars will be moving to the main roster after both Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle attended the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn event this past Saturday night.

Per reports from Wrestlinginc, Bobby Roode is expected to be moved to the main roster. While it’s not clear which brand he will be headed to, Dave Meltzer has noted that WWE Officials are high on him and so he is expected to be in ‘Top 5’ superstars of whichever roster he joins.

Other superstars who are expected to be moved up include the likes of Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Hideo Itami, No Way Jose and former NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain.

As we noted before John Cena will also be switching brands after SummerSlam last night and he is expected to be Raw regular starting from tomorrow’s episode of the Red Branded show.

  • d

    While I agree with most of what you said some of the lack of success of the NXT stars is poor booking. Bayley and Zayn were horribly booked and Dillinger really never got started. Even Joe was off to a bad start but has rebounded nicely

  • CC

    The problem with Dillinger is the age old problem with NXT call ups. His gimmick was hugely over in NXT but on the big stage it kinda just washes over people.
    People are incredibly vocal about their favourite NXT stars moving to the main roster, but they have to win over the fans who don’t watch NXT as well, and that is where it all falls apart.
    Plus, when WWE gets them there they suddenly realise that what works in a smaller promotion, and smaller venues does not necessarily translate to the main roster.

    Even Bayley has suffered from this to a lesser extent. She came in with a bang due to NXT fan support, but once she had been around a few months on the main roster, people began to dislike her.
    Her cutesy, fangirl gimmick does not work as well in WWE like it did in NXT. And then when that gimmick gets a “hardcore” match, it even made people who liked her turn on her.
    WWE fans can be fickle no doubt, but things have to be changed when they hit the main roster for most stars.

    I just think if someone does not take off on the main roster, they should go back to NXT.
    Dillinger, Crews, Zayn, Corbin, Konnor & Viktor and god knows who else should all go back to NXT, rebuild themselves, and try again.

  • CC

    Hideo = KENTA, one of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling.

  • ROB-1.

    The only one I know is Roode.

  • David Wells

    The AOP aren’t ready! It would’ve been better to leave the titles on them, and bring all 4 members of Sanity up as a group!

  • Sparti Love

    Instead of calling up wrestlers like No Way Jose, how about working on the last calls ups more like Mr. 10? That’s right I don’t even remember his name cause that’s how lousy he’s been handled.

    Authors of Pain makes sense due the lack of tag teams now. Also Royce and Kay would fit on Raw. Curious about Roode, I would say SD.