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NYT Predicts Linda Won’t Win, WWE Arrives In Germany, Taker

– The Undertaker gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website today, Halloween.

– According to new data from The New York Times, Linda McMahon has a 14% chance of winning a seat in the US Senate next Tuesday. They predict that Linda’s opponent Chris Murphy will receive 51.7% of the vote while Linda will receive 46.2%.

– Most of the WWE RAW crew arrived in Germany early this morning and will be kicking off the European tour tonight with a show in Strasbourg, France.

Matches advertised include John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title and Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title. Other stars advertised include Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Brodus Clay, Tensai, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Santino Marella, AJ Lee and Eve Torres.

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^ Actually the advertisers thing is true. If you take a look back to the late nineties alot of the advertisers were starting to pull out. Much of this had to do with the Parents Television Council. If you really want someone to blame the PG crap on then you should really look no further than the PTC.

  • WOW

    i do not buy the advertisers excuse. WWE had old women giving birth to hands in the 90’s and they had advertisers. Truth is PG is just easier. They can coast with sponsors and gimmicks geared towards kids. If they went adult they would have to compete with UFC and other company’s for more adult advertisement

  • Cboz78

    PG era is all about the advertisers, plain and simple. They had to change the product to PG or no one would want to be associated with them.

  • Hunter

    PG won’t end if Linda doesn’t win.

  • Mark

    I hope she doesnt win, then we can end this PG shit once and for all