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Oh Bilal: Why PPV’s Should Cost Less

I explain why WWE PPV’s aren’t worth the price, and how to reduce it.

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Now many of you have noticed how irregular I’ve been with posting this summer. The main reason being I’ve been working on the following Documentary TO > SOO. It’s been featured on local news websites in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan and Ontario. It will also be airing on RuTV in Toronto this fall. Any feedback would be welcome.

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  • Bilal

    Good point Dave, but I think that also bites into the RAW rating with people streaming it. Of course you can’t get everyone but there’s ton of room for improvement.

  • Super Dave

    I agree with you except for one point, people illegally download ppv’s so you wouldn’t get all the fanbase to order still. They need much higher quality for ppv’s and a price drop. Maybe then we would see much higher buys and hopefully a continued CM Punk push.

  • Bilal

    Ya for sure frequency is a major issue muh boy.

  • muh boy

    my problem isnt the cost just the frquency. i dont mind paying 40 or 50 if its worth it. and with a tiny 3 or 4 week buildup it isnt worth it