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I explain why WWE PPV's aren't worth the price, and how to reduce it. Now many of you have noticed how irregular I've been with posting this summer. The main reason being I've been working on the following Documentary TO > SOO. It's been featured on local news websites in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan and Ontario. It will also be airing on RuTV in Toronto this fall. Any feedback would be welcome. [youtube width="560" height="349"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmYrfv_tj0Y[/youtube]
  • Bilal

    Good point Dave, but I think that also bites into the RAW rating with people streaming it. Of course you can’t get everyone but there’s ton of room for improvement.

  • Super Dave

    I agree with you except for one point, people illegally download ppv’s so you wouldn’t get all the fanbase to order still. They need much higher quality for ppv’s and a price drop. Maybe then we would see much higher buys and hopefully a continued CM Punk push.

  • Bilal

    Ya for sure frequency is a major issue muh boy.

  • muh boy

    my problem isnt the cost just the frquency. i dont mind paying 40 or 50 if its worth it. and with a tiny 3 or 4 week buildup it isnt worth it