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Official Poster and Synopsis for TNA’s Slammiversary PPV

– Below is the official synopsis and poster for TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, which takes place on June 12th:

“Nearly a decade ago, it started as a dream that has became a reality. Join legends Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Icon Sting as the power struggle between Immortal and Fortune escalates to a new level of intensity. The World Championship is on the line and the very future of TNA is at stake. TNA presents Slammiversary LIVE! on Pay per View.”

  • Jay EZ

    Rather tired of the whole fourtune vs immortal feud. Enough with the groups trying to take over the company. Why does somebody always have to try & take over TNA? Can’t the fans just have a wrestling show with out that crap.

  • b

    styles and joe look awsome on the poster

  • d

    Sheesh it was a joke

  • jus sayin

    thought motor city was injured? not sure which one, but didn’t one get a legit injury and they had to play it off as them getting a beat down and the other coming to make the save?

  • TomC

    Oh good grief … as if there’s any notion that this will be TNA’s last PPV – gimmie a break.

  • JIR

    nice to see the actual talent of TNA on the majority of their ads for once

  • d

    that’s because you never know if it will be tna’s last ppv that’s why the future is at stake
    although it is a nice touch they put all the guys who have been with tna since the beginning on the poster

  • This poster is decked out with TNA originals. There’s also 9 guys on the poster, and this is Slammiversary 9. Anyone seeing some sort of gimmick match for the belt tomain event?

  • Dee durp

    Seems to me like TNA’s graphic designer has a pretty cushy job. I’d honestly be very surprised if more than a few hours work went into this.

    It’s so incredibly bland that the most interesting thing about the piece is the texture background (which funnily enough pulls focus).

  • Greg

    That is a horrible looking poster. I’m not into everything the WWE does and TNA should be original but they should be trying to copy their graphics department by the looks of things!

  • Snark Mark

    No sting, angle, anderson, rvd, or hogan? Odd, but refreshing.

  • Gary

    what i noticed is Eric Young on poster, and the face he made is pricelss, “I actaully made it to a poster?”

  • Thumper!

    Why must a WWE mark always come on the TNA side. smfh

  • solo

    is it just me or is that robin williams

  • venom


    Yea, this has to be the first time that none of those goons are on the poster.

  • Bill

    At least none of those idiots Bichoff, Hogan, & Flair are on the poster.,..

  • WWExtreme

    Don’t you all hate the over-hyped synopsis and taglines that TNA uses for all their pay-per-views like ‘The Biggest Night in TNA History” “TNA has changed for ever” “The future of TNA is at stake” blah .. blah .. blah