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Official WrestleMania 27 Numbers Released Differ from What WWE Announced

– Official WrestleMania 27 numbers were released this past week and are different from the numbers announced publicly by WWE.

There was actually 68,190 total seats available at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The listed total tickets used for the big event was 61,617, according to information released this past week in arena business journals. This is 10,000 less than the 71,617 announced that night by WWE. With luxury boxes figured in, that number would probably increase closer to 65,000. The Dome was listed as 90% full and not a complete sellout, even though there were no tickets available for most of the last few weeks going into the show.

The gate for WrestleMania 27 was $6,268,319 – just a bit lower than the $6.6 million WWE announced after the show.

The 61,617 tickets for WrestleMania 27 would make it the tenth largest crowd in WWE history, not the fifth largest as announced with the original numbers. This year’s show drew exactly six more people than WrestleMania 25 in Houston, Texas.

Regarding the WrestleMania 27 buyrate, based on when WWE releases their numbers, they may not be available until late May because the show took place in April and not March. With WWE doing its quarterly investors meeting on May 5th, they may go ahead and release the buyrate information then.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    You can’t compare UFC with WWE.

  • HR

    not to mention gsp is fighting this weekend, which is one of their main draws…

  • 2ratedrko2

    ADAM who cares!! UFC is monthly of course they’ll get more buys. You can watch WWE for free 5 times a week. WWE makes more money all together with movie sales, and PPV’s. Go to hell!!

  • Ryan

    @ Adam who cares!? its a different thing all together, totally sick of people comparing wwe to ufc!

  • UFC 129 is already surpassing WrestleMania on tickets. It’s completely sold out, and it’s going to surpass WrestleMania on PPV buys too.