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Officials from Impact Wrestling and WWE met in Stamford last week

Several WWE sources have confirmed to PWInsider that Impact Wrestling officials Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore travelled to Stamford, CT last week to meet with WWE executives, including individuals from Triple H’s team. Vince McMahon was not involved.

One source said that the meeting was a general discussion about the two companies and rather than a specific negotiation, was a chance to get all parties in the same room. Since Anthem Media purchased Impact Wrestling, WWE has worked with them on several occasions, most notably purchasing license material from TNA/Impact Wrestling video which included the Hardy Boyz “Broken Universe” material and AJ Style content.

The meeting was not to discuss a sale of either Impact Wrestling or it’s video library according to an Impact official, whilst adding neither are for sale. Impact officials also declined to comment on the nature of the meetings.

  • CC

    Don’t forget when WWE wanted to put The Horsemen into the HoF they had to bow to TNA as Flair was with them at the time, and the only way they would let him be on the WWE show was to have WWE allow them to have Christian on one of their shows.

    There are occasions when TNA holds the cards, so while there is a chance it could just be about video footage again, there may actually be something more.

  • Soulshroude

    Piece of advice: As a journalist, try not to go “tongue in cheek” with your readers. Some of us may have mental instabilities. Or, handicaps that could take your responses more seriously than others.

    Further, I admire your candor. I continue with your site because I like it better than most. Thank you for bringing it to us, your audience.

    I personally should have more tact, you have my respect. Which is very hard to come by from my perspective.

  • Soulshroude

    Don’t regret your post(s). Regret the responses.

  • blkwolf13

    I’m probably going to regret chiming in but I don’t get any pop-up problems with my phone. It sounds like a personal problem. I go to the site because we are able to share on this site at a different level than the other, there are a hell of a lot less ads, and this site covers information drawn from a lot of sources. I have noticed after a while of being a part of wrestling Edge and reading regularly, got a lot of what I see here does come true in the ring. This only means that wrestling Edge sites accurate resources and there’s really no reason to scour the web for wrestling news anywhere else. That is my humble opinion

  • Mike the Ike

    I bet it’s AJ and or Samoa Joe footage.

  • Mike the Ike

    It would be something WWE wants, because if Impact wanted a thing, WWE would laugh and go back to making millions of dollars. So, what could Impact have that WWE wants? The rights to the Beautiful People? Footage of EC3? Using Dixie as the new Raw GM? I’m just spitballing here, but if the company and the tape library isn’t what WWE is after, what do they want?

  • AmishPatel

    Listen, all sites have ads and popups in the main. I am not saying we are different, but PWInsider is on another level. They notoriously have more of that stuff than any other site, but that is their prerogative. My comment was more tongue in cheek.

    Hold on, I just said we’re not a source site, so yes you’re right most of the stuff IS second hand. What I am saying though is we post content from a ton of ‘sources’ so in my opinion, it is easier to come to a site like ours which covers a breadth of news rather than the likes of PWInsider which will generally just cover big stories.

    A lot of presumptions in your last bit. Yes it is a thankless task and it seems all people can do is complain sometimes. I do find that quite frustrating given I pay about 6-7 writers a month, have server costs and lots of other things and frankly don’t make more than a few hundred bucks from this. I certainly don’t keep this site going for the money and no it’s not a single income opportunity or I’d be homeless, but would expect a bit more understanding and less ignorance when I’ve kept this site going 18 years now.

    Anyway, you seem to have been with the site a while now and I will always appreciate my visitors and listen to criticism, feedback, etc. but in this case I think we can probably agree to disagree.

    You are entitled to your opinion and if a site like PWInsider serves you better then so be it. Have a great day.

  • Soulshroude

    Wait… you stated that you don’t have “9 million” pop-ups and yet, every time I try to do anything on this site with my cell phone, it automatically takes me to a “walmart spinwheel”, some site that spams me where I need to restart my browser, or some other pop-up that won’t let me click on anything else before it loads more stuff?

    I know your trying your best to back your companies website, I’m not downing you for that. But, seriously chummer. Most of the stuff on this website is “second hand”. This is fact and it really doesn’t matter how much you and yours really try to defend it.

    Posting is a thinkless thing. A job is actual monetary value… I doubt this is your single income opportunity, like most of us. I’m not debating, arguing nor justifying… I’m simply stating facts and details. We both know better.

  • AmishPatel

    Sorry but that is unfair and frankly BS. I won’t have that. We are not a source site and have never claimed to be that. The whole reason you’d use a site like ours over PWInsider is firstly we don’t have 9 million popups and we cover most of the main sources in one place and a lot of ad hoc stuff they frankly won’t touch or ever get to, but which a lot of people find interesting. There’s a bunch of other reasons but I am not going to really justify as you’re free to visit whichever site you want.

    This really is a thankless job at times.

  • CC

    Why would they meet just to discuss each company? What sense does that make?
    There must be something specific that one party wants.

  • Soulshroude

    If PWInsider has all the news, why again are we here at wrestling-edge? The format is literally the same without Disqus.