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Oh Bilal: Alberto Del (Predictable) Rumble Winner

by Bilal V - February 07, 2011

Like about 9% of Wreslting Edge I predicted that Alberto Del Rio would win the Royal Rumble this year.

Frankly, that’s not much of an achievement. But the fact that of the 40 in the Rumble only the likes of HHH, Del Rio, CM Punk, John Cena, Wade Barret, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison had a serious chance in the minds of most fans is alarming. The other 30 or so superstars were essentially filler or cameos. So how do we change that without just having someone undeserving winning?

TV Time
: It should be a given but you’d expect that if someone like Zack Ryder is going be in the Rumble you should at least acknowledge he still exists within a month of the pay per view. I’m not saying to not have surprise entries like Booker T. However, to just throw in guys to fill out the card demisses their usefulness. In the case of Ryder I would of at least of had him get squashed by Mark Henry prior to the Rumble so fans were aware of him.

Randomize the Order
: During the Rumble I picked teams of 5 with my sister and as such from 25 onwards I was saying “Please Del Rio be 40th” so by the time he entered there was no surprise. Here in lies the problem with WWE completely planning out the Rumble. It all seems far to played out. You had the New Nexus just hanging out clearing people out, it was approaching boring. That said I’d welcome if WWE went back to having matches for said sports. Maybe New Nexus vs The Core for spots entering together vs completely apart. Granted there were some nicely scripted moments but the majority of those were predictable.

Stats: 70% of Rumble winners go on to win the main event at Wrestle Mania. WWE needs to do two things.
1. STOP mentioning this! Its painfully obvious that WWE writers are having a script meeting debating who would be more deserving of being there.
2. Change this trend. This stat needs to drop to 50% as soon as possible. If Money is the Bank is going to be 100% and the Rumble is going to be 70% nearly all the guessing is taken out of WWE’s main events.

All that said, I give WWE credit for taking the risk on a 40 man Rumble and doing about as well job as possible this year. I can’t wait for next years! Here’s to 50! Just kidding.

Until next week your either Wrestling Edge or against us!

  • Sammo

    Ha ha ha – Zing!

  • whocares

    Dude. You just had your grammar corrected, and then you made the same mistake again. How are you a professional writer?

  • Bilal V

    Whocares good point I hope it stays that way to even it up. Sammo I wish you had told me that before, this very site was speculating he could of been and we did picks pretty early. Thanks for the corrections.

  • Sammo

    HHH wasn’t in the rumble, dude!

    I agree with your point on the stats – that “100% of MITB the winners have cashed in to win the title” really needs to change soon.

    (I hate to nag but you have some appalling grammar mistakes. It’s “I would have”, not “I would of”… and your sign-off should be “You’re either Wrestling-Edge or against us” (not “your”).

  • whocares

    actually, it’s been a few years since the RR winner has gone on to WM and actually won the title.

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